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18 hockey players from Russia who can leave for the NHL after the season 2018/19

The coming off-season promises to be rich in the departure of Russian hockey players overseas. Many players want to try their hand at the NHL, but not everyone will succeed. We evaluate the chances of possible candidates whose contracts end on April 30, 2019.

Will definitely leave

n Nikita Gusev (SKA), 26 years old

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 62 games, 82 (17 + 65) points, "+39" utility indicator

NHL rights: “Vegas Golden Knights”

Perhaps the SKA forward Nikita Gusev is the brightest hockey player in the KHL right now. Gusev was the best assistant and the best scorer of the regular season. Nikita is the leader of the attacks of SKA and the Russian national team. In the KHL, he has already proved everything to everyone for a long time, it’s time to conquer new heights. In the NHL, the Gusev belongs to Vegas. After the incident with Vadim Shipachev – not the most pleasant team for the Russians, but there is confidence that Gusev will succeed there.

h Vladislav Gavrikov (SKA), 23 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 60, 20 (5 + 15), "+48"

NHL rights: “Columbus Blue Jackets”

Excellent defended himself in the SKA system defender Vladislav Gavrikov. He can score points, and in defense works on conscience. Gavrikov has long been awaited at Columbus, where he will most likely go. True, other Russians – Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemy Panarin – may not be there. Both are running out of contracts that are unlikely to be renewed.

h Alexander Elesin (Lokomotiv), 23 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 55, 10 (4 + 6), "-2"

Rights in the NHL:

The defender of the “railroad workers” did not draft in the NHL, never played there. Elesin loves and knows how to play power hockey, is not afraid to go to the joints. Such hockey players in the NHL are respected. Alexander is offered contracts at once by several NHL teams (a good half of the league), but the side of the hockey player plans to shorten the list and choose from two or three clubs. The logical solution for the person who first play in North America.

Photo: Yury Kuzmin, photo.khl.ru

n Vitaly Kravtsov ("Tractor"), 19 years old

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 50, 21 (8 + 13), "-3"

NHL rights: "New York Rangers"

Kravtsov’s eyes are burning, he was ready to take off at the Rangers immediately after Tractor finished the season. But the Chelyabinsk leadership can not release its young asterisk ahead of time, since it will lose the rights to Kravtsov in the KHL. However, there is no doubt that next year Vitali will actively make his way into the base of the “blue-collar shakers” who drafted him.

Kravtsov will not go to the "Rangers" until April 30 because of the clause in the KHL regulations

n Yegor Korshkov (Lokomotiv), 22 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 19.5 (3 + 2), “+1”

Rights in the NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs

The current season in the KHL Korshkov did not ask. All because of the serious injury received in September. But Yegor is determined to try himself in the NHL. The forward actively communicated with representatives of “Toronto”, got acquainted with the organization. "Locomotive" will certainly try to keep the attacker at home, but it is unlikely to succeed. Man has a dream to which he is going.

50 to 50

at. Igor Shestyorkin (SKA), 23 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 28 games, 1.11 reliability coefficient, 95.3% reflected throws

Rights in the NHL: "New York Rangers"

On the one hand, after SKA has signed a new contract with goalkeeper Magnus Hellberg, Shesterkin needs to go to the NHL and play there. Moreover, Igor himself is clearly not against it. On the other hand, under Lundqvist and Georgiev who plays well, there is nothing to catch in the Rangers at this stage. Shesterkin, if he chooses to leave, will have to follow the path of Ilya Samsonov and prove in the farm club.

n Pavel Datsyuk (SKA), 40 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 54, 42 (12 + 30), "+24"

NHL rightsOn

Until July 1, 2019, Datsyuk formally had a contract with “Arizona”, where he was exchanged by “Detroit” after the early departure of the attacker to Russia. Theoretically, Datsyuk can return to the NHL in his native Detroit as an unlimited free agent, but it is time for the Red Wings to be seriously updated and work on the draft. There is no point in signing 40-year-old players. Although you can expect any move from general manager Ken Holland.

Milstein: Datsyuk can return to the NHL, but only in Detroit

n Nail Yakupov (SKA), 25 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 47, 33 (23 + 10), "+22"

Rights in the NHL:

Yakupov did not receive a qualifying offer from Colorado and is a free agent in the NHL. Nail specifically signed a contract with SKA only for the season, so that after its completion, think again whether to return overseas? Theoretically it is real. Yakupov can sign up with any club. In the KHL, the first issue of the NHL draft turned out to be quite good, successfully fitting into the army team. Word for the club and the player.

n Sergey Andronov (CSKA), 29 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 48, 12 (8 + 4), "+14"

NHL rightsOn

Andronov has experience of playing in North America, but the captain of CSKA didn’t say his last word there. Andronov is an excellent checker, one of the best centers of modern deterrent links. In January, Andronov was viewed by Toronto scouts. In the Maple Leafs system they need a player like Andronov. Let's see what choice the hockey player himself will make, who continues to fight for the coveted Gagarin Cup with CSKA.

Captain CSKA is called to Matthews and Tavares. It is not joke?

In Toronto, they are ready to give Sergey Andronov $ 2 million.

n Anatoly Golyshev (Avtomobilist), 24 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 54, 40 (19 + 21), "+2"

Rights in the NHL: New York Islanders

One gets the feeling that Anatoly Golyshev played enough in the KHL. At least, the forward just needs to change the situation. Golyshev needs a new challenge that can get in the NHL. The rights to Anatolia are for the Islanders, where the former head coach Alexander Ovechkin and Yevgeny Kuznetsov are currently working. Why not play Golyshev with Barry Trotz?

Photo: Anton Basanaev, photo.khl.ru

n Ilya Mikheev (Avangard), 24 years old

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 62, 45 (23 + 22), "+21"

Rights in the NHL:

Actively considering the possible departure of the NHL striker Ilya Mikheev. Forward is very appreciated by Ilya Vorobyov, calling Mikheev to the Russian team. Consider the candidacy of "hawk" and in the National League. The main problem at the moment is a serious injury that prevents Mikheev from playing in the playoffs. We need to look at the state of the hockey player by the end of the championship.

h Rushan Rafikov (Lokomotiv), 23 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 48, 14 (5 + 9), "+5"

Rights in the NHL: Calgary Flames

Rafikov is physically strong, not afraid to put pressure on and attack any opponent. In general, a typical hockey player for the team of Dmitry Kvartalnov. In Lokomotiv, Rushan proved to be good, it's time to try your hand at the NHL. Prerequisites that Rafikov succeed, have. True, in the Calgary system, the Russians somehow do not survive. Maybe Rafikov will break this trend?

n Vladimir Bryukvin (Dynamo Moscow), 24 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 61, 15 (10 + 5), "-10"

NHL rightsOn

Last summer there was information that Montreal was interested in inviting striker Vladimir Bryukvin. At that time, Bryukvin had a valid contract with Dynamo for another year, but now the agreement ends. Bryukvin, by the way, was already flying to Montreal, where he met the club management and looked at the city.

"Montreal" is interested in the Dynamo striker Vladimir Bryukvin

Stuffed price

n Nikolay Prokhorkin (SKA), 25 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 41, 41 (20 + 21), "+27"

NHL rights: "Los Angeles Kings"

Nikolai Prokhorkin showed himself well in the regular season, but he passed out in the playoffs. We see that the central attacker sometimes does not go into the SKA. In the NHL, such things are unacceptable. Nikolai is familiar with the Kings system and knows what dedication should be. Prokhorkin needs to seriously work on himself, as well as finish with simulations in which the striker has been repeatedly noticed.

n Alexander Khokhlachev (Spartak), 25 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 54, 37 (18 + 19), "+5"

NHL rights: “Boston Bruins”

Aleksandr Khokhlachev passed to the playoffs, although in the regular season the striker was the leader of the Spartak attacks. On top of that, Khokhlachev belongs to “Boston”, where he once suffered under Claude Julien at the helm. In the NHL, Alexander necessarily need another team. In the Bruins, the Russians probably will not be given a due chance even now, under Bruce Cassidy.

Photo: Ilya Smirnov, photo.khl.ru

n Anton Burdasov (“Salavat Yulaev”), 27 years old

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 50, 31 (19 + 12), "-15"

Rights in the NHL:

Burdasov did not go through the NHL draft pick procedure, never had any contracts there. Anton, judging by the talk, wants to play in the best league of the world, but not only a good throw is needed for this. It is necessary to work out in defense, fight on each stretch of ice, it is useful to play, and not with “-15” in statistics. It seems that in the NHL Burdasov’s history may repeat the story of Sergei Shumakov, so a more competent step is to re-sign in Ufa. Now Anton has also had a trauma, due to which the attacker does not play in the playoffs.

n Vladimir Tkachev (Ak Bars), 25 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 58, 22 (11 + 11), "+11"

Rights in the NHL:

When Tkachev wants, he begins to show great hockey. But Vladimir often suffers from recessions. Tkachev plays in segments, because of instability, he is not called to the national team, and Zinetula Bilyaletdinov was periodically left in reserve by Ak Bars. In general, Vladimir is a solid and trained center. Interest in him from the North American managers is evident, but it is better to remain in the KHL.

n Vladimir Tkachev ("Salavat Yulaev"), 23 years

Statistics in the regular season-2018/19: 53, 26 (5 + 21), "+3"

Rights in the NHL:

Vladimir Tkachev from “Salavat Yulaev” has excellent hands, good technique, but not the most outstanding dimensions. Sometimes there is a game crisis. Five goals for the regular season for a striker of this kind is not enough. Tkachev can and should play stronger. Rumor has it that the striker wants to play in the NHL. Will they become a reality – we will know soon enough. Doubts on this account are big.


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