18 months in prison against the puppy killer, accused of violence on his family


The case had shocked, and triggered the ire of animal welfare associations. A 37-year-old man was tried Monday by the Albertville Criminal Court (Savoie) for slaughtering his three-month-old puppy with axes . Facts that took place on April 11 in Grignon. In the box on Monday, this father, who compared detained, explains calmly that he had decided to euthanize his dog named Athena. In front of their house, his wife, driving his vehicle, had accidentally rolled over a paw of the animal. Immediately, she had driven the dog to the vet. “Without my consent,” protests the defendant. And while the veterinarian diagnosed a simple injury without any vital risk for the puppy, the father came running into the office, proclaiming “he must be euthanized”. He then takes the animal, returns to his home and announces to his wife his intention to finish with the puppy. “I wanted to kill him in a gentle way,” he says. The wife tries to intervene. “If you kill the dog, you will not see your kids anymore,” she said. The man, authoritarian and violent, is beside himself. He seizes an ax, and under the horrified eyes of his wife and his 11-year-old son, he literally slaughters the little bitch. His hands bleeding, he then goes to the forest to bury him. “I reacted like that because my wife had told me atrocious things” is justified. The man acknowledges that he wanted to show that he was the master at home. The gendarmes are alerted. The father is arrested. In court, the man shows unbelievable aplomb: “If I want to euthanize my dog, I have the right. I am not a delinquent. I have never been violent. “I got shot in the stomach when I was pregnant” However, this case has brought to light other particularly serious facts. The defendant also martyred his wife and their five children. “I was shot in the stomach when I was pregnant. I lost consciousness twice. One of my disabled sons became his scapegoat. He locked him in a closet, hit him “testifies his wife who, after the death of the puppy, decided to break the law of silence. Heard by the gendarmes, the defendant’s sister had terrible words for his brother: “He is able to kill the whole family. The dog is only a premise. The prosecutor has required 18 months in prison for all the facts alleged against the defendant. But the court decided to order a psychiatric report from the father before making a decision. A new hearing will take place on May 24. In the meantime, the dog killer will remain in prison.


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