The names of the victims of the crash of the Mi-8 helicopter in the Krasnoyarsk Territory became known

The names of passengers killed in the crash of the Mi-8 helicopter of Utair company in Turukhansk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory became known. On the official website of the Federal News Agency the list of victims of the plane crash was published. Recall, the helicopter followed the route Vankor – Kharkasala and collapsed around 5.45 am in Moscow. According to preliminary data, Mi-8 touched a foreign object, and then fell and burnt. On board were three crew members and 15 shift workers from the oil pumping station No. 1 (“Vankor”). Their condolences to the relatives of the dead were expressed in the company Utair. At the site of the wreck, specialists are working, both black boxes have been discovered, a criminal case has been opened.

In Syria, militants struck a missile strike on a residential block in Aleppo

Victims of the missile attack of terrorists in the Aleppo region are four people, according to a special correspondent of the Federal News Agency from the scene. Six more people were urgently hospitalized and are currently in hospital. In addition, the militants caused serious damage to houses and cars parked near the place of impact, which occurred in the residential quarter. In response, units of the Syrian Arab Army opened artillery fire on the positions of illegal armed groups.

New details in the case of the murder of Russian journalists in the CAR

New details of the stay of the dead Russian journalists in the Central African Republic are being revealed. Documentary director Alexander Rastorguev, cameraman Kirill Radchenko and military correspondent Orkhan Dzhemal did not receive UN accreditation. The Russians came to the country with false identity cards of volunteers. Among the belongings of the murdered journalists, a certificate of “humanitarian UN volunteers” was signed, signed by Andrei Konyakhin. He represents the structure that sent journalists to the CARs. According to the certificate, the authorities of the country were supposed to assist the Russians. However, the UN said that they did not provide accreditation to Russians.

In ЛНР prepare for provocations from the side of Ukrainian siloviki

In the Luhansk People’s Republic are preparing for provocation by the APU. Siloviki with the help of Ukrainian journalists want to “clarify the bloody regime” of the country’s President Petro Poroshenko, said the official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland Andrei Marochko. To this end, according to Marachko, the siloviki will try to force the PLN soldiers to open fire within a few days. However, in the republic they are ready for this: the soldiers are given orders not to react to provocations and to observe a regime of silence.


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