187 marijuana plants intervene in a house in Oleiros | Radio Coruña

Two people have been detained by the Civil Guard accused of having 187 marijuana plants in a house in Oleiros. The plantation supplied this drug to the entire area of ​​this Coruña municipality. The investigation began last July, in the so-called Marucha operation, and the two detainees are charged with a crime against public health and a crime of fraud of electricity.

In his search of the house located on Avenida de As Mariñas, the agents found the almost 200 marijuana plants, 10.5 grams of cocaine, a press, two scales and various utensils for cultivation such as lights, fans, extractors, fertilizers or lamps, valued at 1,550 euros. One of the detainees has numerous records of drug trafficking, as he was already arrested in Badajoz in 2013 with 1,400 acorns of hashish.

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