19 medals for Swiss professionals

The young professionals won a gold and silver medal five times each, and they secured bronze nine times, as Swisskills announced on Sunday. At the end of the decentralized Worldskills Competition 2022, the bricklayer Ben Zaugg from Bern became world bricklayer champion in Salzburg. Bernese electrician Patrik Siegenthaler, St. Gallen agricultural machinery mechanic Pascal Hofstetter and mooring electrician Yannick Flepp from Graubünden each won bronze in Austria.

Swissskills drew a positive balance of the three-month world championships. More than 55 percent of the Swiss teams made it onto the podium. Only the delegations from China and South Korea would show a better medal rate. In addition to the podium places, there were twelve “Medaillons for Excellence” for the Swiss.

Since September, 62 world skills championships have been held at the Worldskills Competition in 15 countries. The Swiss national team took part in 34 disciplines with a total of 37 young professionals.

This year’s World Skills Championships should have taken place in Shanghai in October. However, due to the pandemic situation there, these were canceled at the end of May and were held on a decentralized basis instead. 14 competitions took place in Switzerland.