News 19 of the best places to visit in February

19 of the best places to visit in February


February might be when most of us are still departing from the things that happened during the festival season, but for foreign travelers it means there is something more there.

This is where you can catch the end of the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the ice skating around the city, witness the largest wildlife migration in the world or prevent the carnival season rhythms.

Whether you are searching for some unique wildlife contacts, the world's largest party or the opportunity to explore the most pleasant landscapes in the world, the best places to visit are in this February.

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The best destinations in February for wildlife tours

1. Ladakh, India

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Snow leopard in Ladakh, India (Shutterstock)

There's no chance of seeing a snow leopard in your high lifespan. It is estimated that the wild is less than 7,000. But if you ever go to penetration, Ladakh mountains in February offer the best chance.

This is when the mating season (January to March) is in full swing and the footpaths to the high altitude of Hemis National Park have the best visual opportunities. These big cats live here more than anywhere else on the planet.

It is not yet easy, however. He goes by car-stop in mountain villages and in remote camps, with plenty of walking and waiting between them. Some of these are more than 3,000 meters, some of which are accustomed to it, and trips usually last about two weeks, meaning they need strong patience and thighs.

2. Hokkaido, Japan

bird flying in the sky: red-crown cranes in Hokkaido, Japan (Shutterstock)

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Red-crown cranes in Hokkaido, Japan (Shutterstock)

February is peak-season mating for red-crown cranes of Kushiro corridors. These rare birds can be seen on kayaking trips throughout the year, but it is only at the end of winter (February to March) that you can see their coupling dance.

Located as a tancho ’locally, it was here that a group of 20 birds was found in 1924, long after it was believed that they were obsolete. Now around 1,000 people live in reserves across the north-east on the island, while the Akan International Crane Center is an easy way to see them close together.

For those who are unable to verify a wild picture, the forests around Tsurui see photographers stopping early morning bridges with long lens cameras. If you arrive early in the month, you can end the Sapporo Snow Festival, with its ice and snow carving.

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3. Baja California, Mexico

roadside sign: Baja Highway (Shutterstock)

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Baja Highway (Shutterstock)

February is a unique time to see gray whales in Mexico. These creatures bring one of mammal's longest migration to the Earth, traveling 15,000km of North American coast from the Arctic summer feeding areas to the Cortez Sea winter warmer breeding grounds.

It is here, in the shallow bays out of Baja California, that these barnacle giants come to great lengths to give birth, usually between January and March. This is the best time to see them close together.

Visitors visit traditional panga boats into the subtropical waters of Magdalena Bay and San Ignacio Lagoon to find contacts, where friendly whales often come up against the curls, feeling that visitors can start well with them. . Inadvertently.

4. St. Helena, UK

Whale sharks enter St Helena's warm waters, far from the top of South Africa, as early as December. But it's not until February that their number meets. Travelers in groups of up to 16 are then given the opportunity to enter the water and swim alongside these wonderful creatures for up to 45 minutes.

In previous years, up to 30 whale sharks have been tagged in these waters but few people could see it until recently. Thanks to the start of regular flights from Johannesburg in 2018, it is easy to access the one of the world's most difficult poles.

It's not just whales sharks, either. Devil's rays, turtles and pantrophy dolphins may be seen in the water. Coral reefs are also special.

The best destinations in February to catch the cold …

5. Ottawa, Canada

There is no set date when Ottawa ice is thick enough to enter into an enterprise, but the world's largest natural frozen rink is usually ready by February, with its 7.8km of green and canals being fast skateboarding. .

It is another great way to explore the capital of Canada, passing through one neighborhood in a row. February also occurs with Winterlude (the first three weekends of the month), where snow statues, ice carving and even a dragon boat boat race down the canal.

Then, after you have made the crowds, make scenic Gatineau National Park, located on the slab of the capital. Here, there is a gateway into a real Canadian desert at 61km of snow shoe trails.

6. Geilo, Norway

old house with grass pitch: Traditional Traditional Set (Shutterstock)  t

© Provided by Wanderlust
Geilo traditional shutterstock t

In February, the Ice Music Festival returns, which is held deep in snow-white forests in southern Norway, halfway between Oslo and Bergen. It is certainly one of Europe's most distinctive festivals.

There are concerts in a wonderful ice-cavern, and all the tools are carved from the ice itself. It is a great effort to create, shape and shape them – drums, guitars, harps, saxophones.

Everywhere, technicians can be seen in the shape of large ice chains in shape, carved with the finer of artists. The highlight is the midnight concert, full of flashing lights against the Hardangerjokulen Glacier. Magical.

7. Yellowstone National Park, USA

close of clouds in the sky: Old faithful geologist, Yellowstone National Park (Shutterstock)

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Old Faithful Geother, Yellowstone National Park (Shutterstock) t

It may be contradictory to visit Yellowstone Park in winter, when its facilities and roads are closed, but February is a special month.

The park is another world in winter, when the visitors are scarce. Facilities can only be reduced if mileage of snow ski and cross country routes are served by heating huts', where you can catch up.

Wildlife audiences in particular know that thick January and February snow is a unique opportunity. It is easier to see the famous shells in the park and its photograph against a white background. Winter trips to Lamar Valley give a complete view of the pack on deaths and deaths, with lots of sheep for elk, buffalo and a stick.

8. Finnish Lapland, Finland

sunset over city: Lapland's Northern Lights (Shutterstock)  t

© Provided by Wanderlust
Northern Lapland Lights

February is the perfect time for dog slides safari in the Finnish Lapland ash north. The deep smells of the central winter have not gone yet although the days are beginning to stretch as spring stirs.

The Wilderness hotels in Muotka and Nellim make great bases for dog sliding tours, which are laid out deep in the wild. Here you can learn how to use your dogs before you enter dense forests of surrounding fields throughout the day, feeling that the snow is under pressure under your ski.

Then, the evening, traveling snow-drawn slides travel to camps, where they can spend the night indoor glass, watching the golden sky flip from a cozy bed south.

9. The Dolomites, Italy

In February in the busy Italian city, Dolomites are among the busiest periods in the region. This is where the ski slopes are more complete, so the perfect excuse is to find another way to explore mountains listed in UNESCO in the region.

Snow trips show the region as a whole. Fanes-Sennes has a number of trails especially at Natural Park and is double as the winter escapes. Pit-stop into rifles along the Alta Via 1, over rock walls, clapping down into valleys and discovering the remains of the First World War when this area belonged to the Australian-Hungarian Empire.

When you are not on the slopes, explore good old towns like Bolzano or maybe you will see your first game of 'polo snow'. An annual food festival runs even during the winter, with a wine tasting in al fresco ski and breakfast cottages on the slopes.

Or make up for your next snow adventure, such as padding over old trenches and bunker about under beautiful towers' Cinque Cut.

The best destinations in February for arts and culture …

10. Montevideo, Uruguay

Forget Rio. During February, the Uruguay capital never stops, and Montevideo is making a colorful base to spend the longest carnival season in the world (end of January in early March).

Uruguay celebrations are somewhat different to the rest of the more relaxed street events in South America. Yes, there are parades, but here are the most small steps (tablados) in the evenings, where carnival groups compete every night as you sit back with a cup of mate.

Category ga muga ’- choral music theater type with native edge – the star. There are many topics that are out of bounds for these trophies, and even though there may be many references to even Spanish-speaking visitors, for precious glasses and wild costumes, the highlight of the carnival.

11. New Orleans, USA

In February the US party returns to New Orleans: Mardi Gras. These days he is best known for his street parades, but it lies in the balls of society that the French governor of Louisiana spent centuries ago.

By the end of the 1800s, however, the carnival had a more common pattern, with colorful parades and floats organized by wes krewes ’of competitors hurling ouses ces and trinkets into crowds.

It is worth knowing that while Mardi Gras falls (Tuesday 's Tuesday) on the day before Ash Wednesday, this is the coronary days of events in New Orleans, in which It is much easier to make a bag on a room and a spot to uphold the busiest parade routes.

Crowds always meet during the extended weekend before the big day, so you need to book months in advance if you want to be there.

12. Binche, Belgium

animal stuffed stuffed hat: Human masked during Binche Parade (Shutterstock)

© Provided by Wanderlust
Man masked during Binche Parade (Shutterstock)

Like most of the carnival in February, the Belgian Carnival of Binche, in the Wallonia region, is linked to the Easter, which takes place on Sunday Shrove.

Then there is a small Belgian town invaded by arms harlequins, pierrot clowns and, of course, gillies – costed figures called their wax masks and plustr-plumed hats. They carry sticks to extinguish evil spirits and often go out of oranges, which are considered to be rude to the fore.

The origin of the UNESCO listed festivals is unknown but is still one of the oldest in Europe. Dancers are engaging in traditional traditional dance and the legends see thousands of gills of their explosions in the main square under the evening fireworks.

By then, it's usually a busy one, so watch out for the odd orange flying!

13. Trinidad & Tobago

February time is a time Caribbean party. The ‘world sráide street contest is on Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, than a hundred years old pre-Registration beer that began with the arrival of French settlers on the islands.

After redemption, the free and African slaves took the festival. It remains intact despite many colonial attempts to ban it. Today, thousands of people pour into the streets because of the marches, and are hit by the rhythms of the steel and socks.

One annual highlight is the Kings and Queens, competition, which sees competitors without incredible costumes, some almost 100kg, and expects the night with brass bands, calypso competitions and firework merit.

14. Oruro, Bolivia

crowd of people walking down street: Oruro Carnival, Bolivia (Shutterstock)

© Provided by Wanderlust
Oruro Carnival, Bolivia (Shutterstock)

The experience of Carnaval de Oruro in February in the west of Bolivia is that of any other experience, and for those who are willing to taste the air of the altiplano, it is a cultural encounter with a long history.

By the 1800s, what was a timely celebration of extremely sympathetic indigenous gods when Christian conquistad came in.

Instead, he raised something special: parades of 28,000 devils and dancers who described a high street Oruro, merging the Ancient and New Worlds into a small city covered by mountains.

Buses take about four hours to reach Oruro from the capital La Paz. It is not easy to catch 3,700m with your breath, much less when a wave of pagan and Catholic image is rolled out to you.

Indeed, for those who attend, it pays to come a day earlier – it is not easy to get used to this height – but the swimming mix is ​​a pioneer of music, dance and vibrant costumes.

Particularly with the Saturday four km parade route especially that damn is surrounded by dance groups and that cars affect them in glossy gear, with the ithe dance of the gods' the most famous of the performances.

The best destinations in February for incredible landscapes …

15. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is renowned for the sudden weather and scenery. In February, however, the Australian summer is over (December to February).

The island state is at its best, and Hobart, the capital of the arts, is very popular on trips to Freycinet National Park and beaches or walking up nearby Mount Wellington. Due to the long hot days, it is wonderful to explore Tasmania's wildlife on foot, with abundant multi-day abundance in abundance.

Overland Track (65km) is probably the most famous, winding up the peat, lands and moorland in UNESCO's Craugh-Loch St Clair National Park. If you prefer a more retrospective day, take a ferry from Kettering to Bruny Island instead.

The narrow neck of the ineál neck a lets you scan a penguin, and the remains of the early inhabitants are being pushed on the Sheep Harbor Road.

16. Iceland

large waterfall over some water: Icelandic classic landscape (Shutterstock)

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Icelandic classic landscape (Shutterstock)

Iceland is a special time in February for golden hunters. The season lasts from October to the end of March, after which it becomes too bright to see the phenomenon. However, this difficult month is February.

Iceland is well positioned for magazines. It sits in the val aurora oval 'oval ’, an area enclosing the North magnetic pole where the strongest views are.

The other big plus is that there is a very sparse population, with long stretches of wilderness and a few towns, so there is little light pollution. Stays like the remote Hotel Class, even if they have their own observatory in the countryside.

Then there is the new Arctic Coast Route, a driving route which opened in 2019. It includes some 900km of the most longitudinal spots in northern Iceland, between Hvammstangi and Bakkafjörður, which means you can stop at crazy fjords, textile springs and fishing villages. quiet during the day then found your individual viewing spot for yourself at night.

17. Patagonia, Chile

February is a mock time to explore the Patagonia Chilean National Park Torres del Paine. By then, the locals who have a summer holiday are flooded, the nights are still warm and there are 14 hours of daylight to play with.

The conditions and long days make it perfect to achieve one of the most iconic challenges. The ‘W 'track (71km) stretches north north of Torres del Paine and takes five to six days to cross. It is also easy to access, with most of the hikers starting from Refugio Las Torres, a bus ride from Puerto Natales.

In this way you will visit the most famous valleys in the region (Gray, Ascensio and Francés) and stroll about the colorful spiers of Los Cuernos (The Horns) and three Gray Glacier ice fields in a way full of incredible scenery.

18. East Antarctica

group of people walking across a mountain covered with snow: Antarctica's Eastern Region (Shutterstock)

© Provided by Wanderlust
Eastern region of Antarctica (Shutterstock)

February gives an opportunity to see what people saw: Antarctic foreign east.

There is a narrow window (in January of early March) where ships can travel to the Ross Sea from New Zealand and Australia.

The journey can be rough, and most trips take about 25 days, but it is well worth it. Some ways even circle west to the Antarctic Peninsula, ending in Ushuaia, Argentina, more than a month after they start.

However, it is not all staring out of a port hole. The subantarctic vacuum islands are stops south of New Zealand inadvertently. Macquarie Island has about four million penguins and rare colonies of albatross.

But the real goal here is Ross, which has the world's largest ice shelf. This is where the Antarctic explorers made the Hero Age history. Scott's (Hut Point and Cape Evans) wooden huts and Shackleton (Cape Royds) can be visited by helicopter transfer. Opportunity to contact history.

19. Falkland Islands, United Kingdom

In February, the last weather on the Falklands hitting the wind is the perfect time to visit it – especially for the wildlife you find among some of the longest scenery in the world.

This month marks the end of summer gasps (highlights 13ºC), and its long days are convenient to view. Gypsy Cove, just 6.5km from the colorful capital, Port Stanley, is an easy-to-view spot for Magellanic penguins, whose chickens emerge from their burrows late in the month.

In fact, the Falklands itself is much more accessible than you imagined. They are now a common stop on Antarctic tours, and the UK's direct flights go twice a week from Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.

When it is there, the majestic island tours of the islands show off, with large beaches filled with suckling sea lions and young penguins as well as sei, fin and blue whales hitting offshore waters.


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