1906 new infections and 3 deaths, total 91,934 and 6,275

The last 24 hours have been at the RIVM 1906 new reports have come in from people who have tested positive for the corona virus. A total of 91,934 COVID-19 patients have been reported to the RIVM. Amsterdam is still the leader in terms of number of infections, with almost 300 new infections. Since the last update yesterday, there are in 271 (of the 355) municipalities in the Netherlands have been diagnosed with new infections.

There are of the reported patients 33 hospitalized. So far there are 12.389 people admitted to or have been admitted to hospital. There have been since the last update 3 patients died from COVID-19. There are in total 6275 people died from the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Since 1 June, anyone can have themselves tested with complaints. Yet it is likely that not all COVID-19 patients are tested. The actual numbers in the Netherlands are therefore probably higher than the numbers mentioned here. The actual number of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital is higher than the number of admitted patients reported in the surveillance because the surveillance is based on the information at the time of reporting. Hospitalization after notification is not always known.

Dashboard coronavirus
Some of the data can also be found on the Dashboard of the Central Government. This page is updated daily. The weekly report with more information such as the contamination rate per province can be found in PDF form here.


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