1st Africa YALI ALUMNI Summit: Supporting African Youth Initiatives to Boost the Continent’s Inclusive Growth

The Yali RLC Niger Association with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is organizing from March 15 to 16, 2023, at the Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Center, its first YALI ALUMNI Summit of the Africa. This summit placed under the sponsorship of the Minister of Industry and Youth Entrepreneurship Mrs. Gourouza Magagi Salamatou focuses on the theme “The bet of a constructive Leadership in a context of insecurity, migratory crises and threats environmental”. For two days, hundreds of young people will discuss several issues that concern them in order to make proposals that can strengthen their ongoing fight for inclusive economic growth and the well-being of populations through youth entrepreneurship.

The opening of this meeting was marked by the presence of several members of the government, including the Minister of State, Minister of Energy and Renewable Energies, Mr. Ibrahim Yacoubou, the director of the USAID mission, the presidents of institutions, regional authorities and those of the City of Niamey and partners. This summit is prompted by this desire to develop at the continental level a critical mass of young people equipped and ready to act for the development of their communities. It is also a major framework for sharing experiences, developing partnerships, building capacities, promoting achievements and impacts within communities. This forum also saw the mobilization of some 250 young Africans, including 30 champions who were selected through a competition called “the challenge for the ALUMNI summit” who were divided into six areas, namely education, entrepreneurship , environment, health, migration, peace and security. Note that Niger has 278 ALUMNI, 54% of whom are women.

At the opening of the work, the Minister of Industry and Youth Entrepreneurship, recalled that Africa is the youngest continent with nearly 62% of the population under 25 years old. “If it is true that this situation can constitute an opportunity for development, the fact remains that it is an immense challenge for our States”, she noted. However, said Ms. Gourouza Magagi Salamatou when we refer to this segment of the committed population represented by Yali graduates and the thousands of others scattered across the continent, this challenge becomes an opportunity that generates growth and prosperity. This is why the authorities of Niger place great importance on the training of young people in order to develop their technical and professional skills so that they can fully play their part in the economic and social development of the country. “It is in this sense that we welcome the advent of Yali which constitutes a real opportunity which gives our youth the means to be able to contribute to the strengthening of the economic fabric and the building of a flourishing community”, he said. she argued.

Earlier, USAID Mission Director in Niger, Ms. Maria Ilena Barron, pointed out that USAID’s Education Program directly supports the Yali’s vision, noting that in this education program other key sectors namely health, agriculture and governance. According to her, one of the most pressing issues facing countries like Niger is especially the difficult economic prospects of young people when they hold the greatest potential for prosperity in the region.

For her part, the president of the Yali-Niger association, Ms. Rakia Abdoulaye Issa Boubé recalled that since its creation, this association has been active in the eight regions of Niger through actions such as the creation of a network of young leaders capable of making an economic contribution, conducting advocacy at the level of decision-makers, training young people in leadership, project development and personal development.

Mamane Abdoulaye(one)