2 Big Tech Taiwan Win a deal to buy Biotech vaccine 10 million doses after the government claims that it was blocked by China in every way.

Two big Taiwan technology companies, Foxconn and TSMC, said on Monday they had entered into an agreement to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine from Biotech. SE 10 million doses successfully with an amount of approximately 350 million dollars (11,411 million baht)

Shanghai Foshan Pharmaceutical Group, a distributor of Bio-Tech in China Revealed on Sunday (July 11) that the contract was actually signed. But still can’t comment and details of the delivery date.

Foxconn founder Terry Gow posted on Facebook that He was very happy that this contract was finally signed. Foxconn and TSMC will buy 5 million doses of vaccines each and will donate all vaccines to the Taiwanese government. for further distribution to the public.

many months ago The Taiwanese government is trying to buy directly from Biotech. He accused China of trying to prevent Taiwan and Biotech from signing. But China denies the allegations.

last month The Taiwanese government has been under intense pressure from people to delay vaccination. until allowing Mr. Foxconn and TSMC Negotiate on behalf of the company to buy vaccines on behalf of the government.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) and Foxcon are the major manufacturers of mobile phone components for Apple, Inc.

The Taiwanese government said it would announce the two companies’ vaccine purchases by Monday (July 12).

Mr Gow also said that talks with Biotech showed no pressure from the Chinese government.

“During the negotiation period After I offered to donate vaccines to Taiwan. There was no recommendation or intervention. from Chinese government officials in the process of purchasing vaccines.” Mr. Gow said



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