2. Bundesliga: Before Heidenheim – Aue sounds the alarm and fights for spectators

“Are robbed of our livelihood”

Because the Erzgebirgskreis with a seven-day incidence value of over 50 is now an official corona risk area, only 500 spectators are allowed into the stadium. It was 999 for the first home game against Fürth. The club’s hygiene plan, approved before the season, provided for 4.4111 spectators, which is slightly more than the 20 percent recommended by politicians. The average number of visitors before Corona was 11,600. Aues managing director Michael Voigt tells the “Bild”: “We are missing around 150,000 euros per home game.” And that’s why he’s now sounding the alarm. “As a commercial enterprise, we are being robbed of our livelihood. While other companies, including large companies, are allowed to continue their production, we are being massively restricted. The question of how far the state government can intervene here must be allowed,” he told the “Chemnitzer Morgenpost” (Friday ).

“Some of the measures prescribed are no longer comprehensible,” explained Voigt, “there are clear hygiene and distance rules in the stadium. Contact tracking is guaranteed. And it should not be forgotten that this is an open-air event,” he emphasized. Aue’s managing director also referred to a lack of income from the areas of catering, hospitality and marketing. “Since only 50 people are allowed to come together in closed rooms, we can lock the VIP room.”

Captain Mannel before the 400th game

Because of Corona, a great anniversary is going under: Aues captain and goalkeeper veteran Martin Männel is facing his 400th competitive game for the violets. He has been with FCE since 2008, making him the longest-serving second division professional together with Marc Schnatterer from opponents Heidenheim. And the 32-year-old, who experienced a relegation (after a 2-2 in Heidenheim with his own goal!), Two promotions and nine years in the 2nd division, has not yet had enough. The contract of the “Buffon vom Erzgebirge” runs until 2022. And the Italian Gianluigi Buffon is 42 years old still or back with Juventus Turin …


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