BALTIMORE – Two people were killed when part of an Amazon distribution camp collapsed in bad weather, a retail giant spokeswoman said on Saturday.

The men worked for a contractor and not for Amazon, said spokeswoman Rachael Lighty. Nobody else was injured when heavy storms swept through Maryland on Friday night.

"First responders remain on site and assess the damage. The safety of our employees and contractors is our top priority and at this point the building remains closed, "Lighty said in an email.

The news reports suggest that Baltimore's firefighters said a man was found under rubble on Friday night and later declared dead, while the body of a second man was salvaged early Saturday morning. Officials say a 50-meter wall in the camp has collapsed. Photos of the scene seem to show that the collapsed wall was about two stories high.

The Baltimore Fire Department did not respond to phone or email messages from The Associated Press.

The National Meteorological Service had previously warned of thunderstorms in the area, producing gusty winds and heavy rains.

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