Two new cases of Legionnaires’ disease were reported in a senior house in the northern Vernon Suburbs, bringing the total to five, including one fatal case.

The cases of serious respiratory disease were first reported to health officers in February Brookdale Senior Living, 145 N. Milwaukee Ave., according to the County Health Department.

A spokesman for Brookdale Senior Living Tuesday said that health officers are now investigating five full cases.

According to the spokesman, Brookdale is tackling the disease by flushing water lines, cleaning showers, adding filters, and closing ponds, pools and spa.

The County Health Department of the County has said it is also investigating cases with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

“We continue to adhere to the protocols and recommendations set out by the Council [state and county health departments] and they have been guided by a national water treatment company, ”said Living Living Senior Senior Senior in e-mail. “The health of our residents and partners is our greatest concern and we are taking appropriate steps in relation to the Legionella bacteria.”

Legionella bacteria are transmitted through water droplets from showers or sources. Most healthy people are not infected after being exposed to the bacteria.

Readers cannot be spread from person to person, but they can be fatal.

In late January, health officers reported two fatal cases of Legiongion ‘in the retirement community of Carol Stream.


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