2-year-old girl with Down syndrome stars in a fashion campaign and her reaction touched the networks | Lifetime

The reaction of an English girl with Down syndrome after starring in a children’s fashion campaign has touched social media users.

It’s about the little Eleanor Manton age two, who was chosen as the face of the marca de lujo JoJo Mom Baby, after her parents showed her modeling skills on Instagram.

It has always been natural when taking photosBut since she started walking it has become a little more difficult because she just wants to run away, ”Helen Manton, the girl’s mother, told the DailyMail newspaper.

It all started when through your account Instagram, the woman shared Eleanor photographs. Her goal was reflect their experience as parents of a minor with Down syndrome.

“We share everyday things. It is mainly a page of positivity to feel good, showing our reality and how incredible it is.“, He recounted.

He also highlighted that his first publications received hundreds of positive comments and thanks to that he began to share more photographs. “So I kept going,” he admitted.

“At the beginning of the quarantine I published normal things about her every day, then one night (last June) i looked at my email and couldn’t believe what i was seeingHe recalled.

It was at that moment that he received a message from the luxury brand jojo, asking if would like Eleanor to participate in the fall / winter 2020 campaign. “She was literally jumping for joyIt was incredible, ”he added.

“A couple of days later a lot of beautiful clothes arrived and we started taking photos”, commented on the campaign that was produced at home.

Eleanor’s mother was in charge of take the pictures in your grandparents’ back garden, located in the English county of Warwickshire. Craig Manton, his father, took it upon himself to do “funny dances” to help the girl to smile.

“Eleanor has participated in a couple of collaborations on social media, but she hasn’t done any real models before. It was quite stressful because I wanted to do well for themHe admitted.

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Your reaction

When the campaign was published on social media, the reaction of joy to being seen in a magazine was very exciting.

“Just seeing her radiant face, it’s a ray of light, it was incredible, it makes me very, very proud (…) It is incredibly important that people with Down syndrome appear in the mainstream media, ”reflected his mother.

Helen Manton | Instagram

From his perspective, he believes that participation in campaigns like this will help parents to better receive the diagnosis of their children.

“When we walk into the park, we may no longer have the strange looks, hopefully one day we will not,” he concluded.