20% between vaccinated and infected

With the third wave of Covid farther and farther, the incidence is on a downward trend and vaccination underway, Spain accumulates reasons to face pandemic with some optimism. The Spanish Epidemiology Society (SEE) thanks to an estimate that places the percentage of immunity against Covid in Spain bordering on 20 percent of the total population.

Joan Caylà, spokesperson for Spanish epidemiologists, points out in statements to Medical Writing that nowadays, Spain is 19% protected against the coronavirus. This data translates into “9.7 million people immunized against Covid-19”, indicates the specialist taking into account the cases of vaccinated and also those infected that, therefore, have antibodies to fight the disease.

The breakdown of this value is based on the 4.7 million people with antibodies estimated in the last wave of the ENE-Covid seroprevalence study, prepared by the Carlos III Health Institute. To this value is added the increase in immune people after fall, which reached 14 percent (2 million more people), according to figures from Caylà, and the most 3 million people who have received the first dose of vaccines against Covid-19, according to the daily vaccine report of the Ministry of Health.

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Caylà has explained to Medical Writing that the ideal is that this figure reaches before the summer to a 70 percent in order to reduce the cases of Covid and thus favor tourism and the economy affected by the pandemic.

“We have been saying that in Spain it is of vital importance get group immunity before summer because in this way we would have a healthy summer with few cases and there would be a good arrival of tourists, which would be very important for the economy. To do this, we must get more doses to immunize the entire Spanish population and have a good organization that would allow vaccines to be applied quickly, I see this easier than the first ”, argued the epidemiologist.

Vaccination strategy

According to the vaccination strategy that should be applied, Caylà has stated, like the Ministry of Health, that those people who have had the disease have to remain in the “queue” waiting to administer the dose until six months after the diagnosis of the infection.

“What makes sense is to first vaccinate those who have not passed the Covid and in this way the vaccine performance short term it would be faster. Those who have passed the virus, with clinical manifestations, we know that they have immunity for a certain time, therefore they would not be the priority, “the specialist has recommended.

A total of 3,090,351 vaccines have been administered since the beginning vaccination campaign on December 27, which means that 85.3 percent of the doses have already been inoculated into the population.

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