20 Forbidden Attitudes In Friendship, You Must Know

URBANJABAR.COM In the past we were often invited to exchange ideas with friends, in the past we were invited to hangout with friends.

But as time goes on, the invitations are getting less and less, in fact no one is asking anymore.

We used to have many friends, but now those friends are far away from us.

Maybe it’s not them who is wrong but maybe our attitude is not good, so here we will discuss about 20 Attitudes which might be what makes friends uncomfortable hanging out with us.

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1. If you borrow money, return the money

Even if it’s only one rupiah, let alone friendship, family if it’s a matter of money. The family can fall apart.

Friendships that you have built for a long time then suddenly you have financial problems with your friends, suddenly the friendships that you have built for a long time fall apart.

It’s like you’ve written a book about your friendship, about you, how about your friends and all kinds of things.