20 hours of France 2: the joke of a humorist shocks the audience

TELEVISION / VIDEO – Friday night, a short excerpt from the show Laura Laune, known for her devilish humor, has provoked the indignation of many viewers.
Decidedly, it’s not good to tell jokes on TV right now. Friday evening in the newspaper of 20 hours, the France 2 editorial was interested in the last generation of female comedians. “They are more and more numerous to settle on the stages of France. Black humor, creaking, corrosive … Do they go further than their elders? “Asked Laurent Delahousse to launch the subject.
In response, journalists followed, among others, Laura Laune. At 31, the Belgian humorist begins to make a name for himself in France after having won the last season of France has an incredible talent on M6. Last December, the viewers of the talent contest had been seduced by the young woman. It must be said that behind his angelic air is hiding a limitless humor.
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And that’s saying a lot. During the report of France 2, we discover an excerpt from his show The devil is a nice little girl . Laura Laune, on the stage of the Little Ice Palace, is shown to her audience: “What is the common point between Jews and sneakers? We find more in 39 than in 45 “. In less time than it takes to say it, the joke considered dubious provoked the indignation of the televiewers. On Twitter, many of them came forward to express their dissatisfaction. Some are surprised that the first public service channel could broadcast such a joke after Tex has been ousted from z’amours for a riddle about domestic violence deemed equally shocking .
In March 2016, Laura Laune said to assume. “We must be able to laugh at everything with finesse and intelligence. I’m not saying that I can do it because there are people who can be shocked by my words but it’s very important to be able to laugh at everything. It is often liberating to laugh about subjects that can be a little tense and finally it feels good. If I say something trashy and realize that people are just shocked, I’m not interested. I like people to tell me that they were surprised to laugh at what I could say, “she said. Laparisiennelife.com .

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