20 million rubles will help 13-year-old Assel defeat the disease

20 million rubles will help 13-year-old Assel defeat the disease

In the autumn of last year, a disaster occurred in the family of Svetlana and Baurzhan Gusmanovy from the Leninsky district. Their second daughter, 12-year-old Assel, delivered a terrible diagnosis – just two types of cancer: lymphoma and lymphoblastic leukemia. Only the bone marrow transplant can help the girl. Young Volgograd is already waiting in one of the clinics in Germany, but for this parents need to collect 20 million rubles.


The second child of the Guzmanovs was very much expected. Asel was born healthy, grew mobile and mischievous girl, developed by age. The first “bell” rang in 10 months, but then no one could think about what it is connected with.

– She went red spots on the body, which increased, then refused the legs, – the girl’s mother remembers. – My daughter was sent to the hospital, and immediately to the intensive care unit. But then the doctors did not find the cause of the disease. After lying there for about a month, we returned home. And only now we realized that these were symptoms of blood cancer …

After discharge Asel continued to live a normal life, felt well, went to school. There were no suspicions of a terrible illness. But in the fall of 2017, the girl’s health suddenly deteriorated sharply.

– The daughter began to complain of a headache and nausea, then to that does not feel the right cheek, – Svetlana Gusmanova tells. – She became listless, very tired. We turned to the doctor, we were diagnosed with “inflammation of the trigeminal nerve”.

The treatment did not help. The girl was getting worse and worse. She constantly vomited, she became very thin and could not walk from weakness. Have appointed or nominated MRT. The conclusion has plagued parents in shock.

– They said that the daughter has a three-dimensional formation of the temporal region on the right, and they offered to wait for his turn to the operation, – Mama Asel shares with the “Mother City”. – On the same day, it was decided to go to Moscow. There my daughter was operated on, but not completely, because the education was large and already outgrowth was on the arteries. Then the tumor was taken for a biopsy. And again we heard terrible words. She had two types of cancer – lymphoma of the brain and lymphoblastic leukemia. Later, another diagnosis was added: neuroleukemia (complicating leukemia, damage to the nervous system .- Ed.). Life seemed to stop …

Hope for not indifferent people

But it was impossible to wait. Therefore, the couple began to look for all the clinics that can help the girl survive. It turned out that the only way to recovery is bone marrow transplantation in Germany.

“We were told by the clinic that they are ready to accept us and give us a chance to live,” says Volgograd. – But the amount is simply huge – almost 20 million rubles. We do not have the opportunity to pay for treatment at a German clinic. The initial contribution is about four million. The fees are very slow, and we are afraid simply not to be in time.

Asel passionately dreams of recovering. Now she is fighting with all her might with a terrible illness. The girl is very talented – she likes to draw, embroider and make crafts. This helps her not to think about illness.

The editorial board of the “Native City” appeals to readers with a request to give the girl a chance to live: even a small amount, in your opinion, can play a decisive role!

> Important!

Requisites for assistance Assel

Sberbank: 4276 8110 1303 9549 (Map of the mother: Svetlana N. Gusmanova)

Yandex: 410014939045239

Kiwi: 89377244402

PAY PAL: gusmanova_svetlana@mail.ru

Megafon: 89267680172

Beeline: 89616884288

SMS on 7715: Recover (blank) the amount of the donation.

(Example: Recover 100)

The cost of SMS to number 7715 is 44 rubles for all cellular operators in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mother’s phone number: 89377244402

The author of Evgeni Savichev. Photos from the personal archive of the family

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