After North America, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands, Disney + will be launched on March 24 in eight Western European countries – including Switzerland.


Will you afford a Disney + subscription?

And in the UK. The British Twitter account of the Disney streaming service started operations on Monday and answered the most important questions about the offer and features around a month before the local launch.

It should be noted that @DisneyPlusUK mainly posted questions that it solemnly answered with “Yes!” could answer – the account remained vague for all other answers. It is always informative, therefore: Here we go.

The answer: «Deliveries of the episodes of‹ The Mandalorian ›start on March 24th.» This could mean that the first episode of the “Star Wars” spin-off for the Disney + launch is online and the other episodes, like in the USA, will be released on a weekly basis – which is very strange, since in North America and Australia it is already entire season is out.

Twitter users also see it this way:

“Why not release everything all at once when 95 percent of the interested people have already watched the series illegally?”

“Haven’t we waited long enough?”

“This is a joke, right? Most of us have been spoiled for a long time and now it takes longer before we can see everything? »

“We plan to release a lot of content at the same time as our friends in the United States. But there will be small content differences in the individual countries. » Aha, uh, all right.

“Yes you can,” replies @DisneyPlusUK, adding that “a lot of other timeless classics” will also be available.

“Allow us to make it a little secret,” Disney + UK answers this (self-asked) question cryptically and adds: “But yes, you can count on your favorites.”

Incidentally, “Chip ‘n’ Dale” means “Chip and Chap – The Knights of Law” (already delicious, the German versions) and “The Gummi Bears” is of course the “Gummibärenbande”.

Right in the Nostalgia Feels. (Source: Youtube / PsycrowX9)

According to @DisneyPlusUK, you can create seven profiles per subscription. And per account, you can stream on four different devices at the same time. That’s still nice – the most common Netflix subscription allows “only” two simultaneous streams.

“Yes. You can download everything. » Why would you want to download anything at all when you can stream everything, you ask? Well, so that you can watch the films and shows offline.

Only selected content can be downloaded from Netflix. However, Netflix also offers non-Netflix content for streaming – the license holder decides whether it can also be downloaded and is paid for by Netflix. Disney, on the other hand, has sole authority over the entire Disney + content.

A sneak peek of the first Marvel Studios series to be seen on Disney +. (Video: Marvel Studios / Walt Disney)

Why would you want that? The offer is not activated yet and you would only unnecessarily block space on your cell phone that you can currently use for cat pictures and memes.

Anyway: No, you can’t download it yet. According to Disney +, the app will be available on time from March 24th.



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