The week got off to a bad start for a Swiss reader reporter: the man had parked his BMW in a chic neighborhood in Milan on Sunday evening. When he tried to drive away the next morning, he found that thieves had stolen parts of the car, as he tells 20 Minuti / Tio.

The driver had stayed with friends. The first thing he noticed on Monday morning was that a window on the back of his car had been broken. The Swiss wondered what the thieves might have stolen, after all, he had left nothing of value in his vehicle. When he sat in the driver’s seat to take his car to a workshop, he noticed the real damage: the malefactors had removed the steering wheel of his BMW.

Police speak of “professional mining artists”

The Swiss reported the incident to a nearby police station – and was amazed again: there were numerous luxury cars with Ticino or Graub√ľnden license plates in the parking lot of the police station. While some also lacked the steering wheel, other models thieved the entire dashboard or navigation system.

Apparently this modus operandi is not entirely unknown. According to the Italian police, they are “professional mining artists”. According to an official, a thief can take the steering of an SUV apart in 8 to 10 seconds. A practiced car thief needs between 15 and 20 seconds for an entire dashboard.



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