In the night of Wednesday, unknown persons killed the Basel woman L. B. * in her house in the Kenyan settlement of Milimani. Two of her employees discovered the body of the 74-year-old in the garage. Evidence suggests that the woman was raped and strangled. B. has lived in Kenya since 1993. According to the Kenyan media, she lived there with 48 cats alone. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) confirms the death of a Swiss woman in Kenya.

As friends of the victim report, B. lived with cats, chickens, dogs and donkeys on a kind of farm. A woman and two men were employed by her. The grief is great. “It hurts me that she is no longer there and had to die in this way,” says her long-time friend C.V. * (67).

Remote place of residence

«She was afraid for her life. For years she had told me that she had to hide because she wanted to be murdered, ”says V. That’s why she moved to the far corner of Nairobi. “The persecution must have had something to do with the dissolution of a pickle in Nairobi.”

According to V., L. B. moved to Kenya because of love. “As a young woman, she met a Masai during the holidays in a hotel and fell in love with him.” As a result, she broke off the tents in Switzerland. «She had a good inheritance. Although she could have lived a good life in Basel without working, she didn’t want to come back. » Marriage to the Masai did not last long. “He just took advantage of her. After two years their money was gone. »

“She Was Not a Missionary”

Kenyan media described the victim as a missionary. C. V. vehemently denies this. «She was not a missionary. She had nothing to do with Christianity. She was a free spirit who loved animals more than anything. » In order not to have to leave her animals, she wanted to stay in Kenya despite the threat.

Via Facebook, she kept in touch with friends from Basel. Former primary school colleague A. S. * is also shocked: «What kind of people are they who do something to someone? I’m lost for words.” The victim had a crazy life. «She always got the wrong men. She was married three times, she told me, after years of coming back in touch on Facebook. »

Bad luck with men

According to S., she was once married to an alcoholic. “After he hit her, she separated from him again.” She ran a music studio with another husband. “Then he wanted to run away with the facility, but that could still prevent it.”

According to S., L. B. was very involved in animal welfare and lived vegan. “She often sent me links to relevant articles to get me on the right track.”

She was happy to help

A. S. describes the victim as a person who has done everything possible to help. “Even when something happened to animals, she was there,” says the 75-year-old from Basel. He suspects: «In Kenya people probably thought that this good woman had a lot of money. That’s why she was attacked and killed. »

She also remembers her Facebook friend C. H. * from Basel as a person who was happy to help. L. B. was also original and cosmopolitan. Despite the local distance, she was still strongly connected to her home, according to H. «She was an old Basel soul. She often wrote to me in old Basel German. »

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