Sun, pool and tropical ambience: you can enjoy life at the Lotuswell Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand, which describes itself as a “luxurious senior residence” – normally. The corona virus has finally arrived there: On Thursday morning, an 82-year-old resident of the resort died after being tested positive for the corona virus in the hospital. This is reported by a reader-reporter on site.


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The owner of the resort is the Swiss Cornelius Steger. His son Emanuel Steger confirmed the case compared to 20 minutes: “The resident was Swiss and had been suffering from health problems for months.” According to Steger, all people in the resort who had had contact with the deceased in the past four weeks were asked to enter self-quarantine.

Owner was questioned by the police in the area

“Of course, the residents are concerned about the current situation, just as many other people around the world are doing,” said Steger, adding: “We are of course a bit afraid that the entire resort could now be quarantined. » The worst thing for the pensioners living here would be if they were locked in their homes without contacts and movement. Nevertheless, the mood in the resort was good and the guests would follow the instructions of the staff.

The founder of the resort, Cornelius Steger, suffered another horror on Thursday. Until then, the restaurant had been open to the resort residents. On that day, the Thai authorities accused Steger of not having a permit to do so. That’s why he was taken to a police station and interviewed there. “After the survey, my father was released,” says Steger junior. As long as this situation is not clarified from a legal point of view, the resort restaurant only offers take-away.

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