20 minutes – «You make sense of it all again»

Sarah Lombardi (27) and the fourth division footballer Julian Büscher (26) have not yet publicly commented on their relationship, but it is clear in their respective Insta stories that the two are a couple. They are said to have been together since January.


Do you show your relationship on social media?

Now Julian has made the relationship official. Because in a short video you can see him whizzing hand in hand on inline skates with Sarah on a promenade. Below is a lowercase letter of love to his girlfriend: “You make sense of it all again.” He also tags Sarah. Julian has not been that open before.

(Video: Instagram / sarellax3)

Quarantined together

Sarah Lombardi had to cancel her currently planned “Holiday on Ice” shows because of the corona virus. This means that she now not only has more time for her son Alessio (4), but also for Büscher.

The latest Insta posts suggest that Sarah and Julian are in quarantine together. Because she keeps posting videos of her home in which her boyfriend can be seen – for example workout videos.

Most of the time you can see them training together outside in the garden. Here for a cover of «She Will Be Loved».

(Video: Instagram / sarellax3)

The rumors that the two are together have been simmering for a while. But it was only when Sarah sat in the stands at a Julian game in February and he kissed her after his victory that there was evidence that the two are more than just friends.

And, because funny: Here Sarah explains to her fans that there is no dildo in her bathroom.



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