Saturday, 21 Apr 2018

20 players in the Smouha list to prepare for the war production

The first football team in Smouha Club is to enter a closed camp in Cairo in preparation for the war production scheduled for tomorrow at the Peace Peace Stadium in the 32nd week of the league. The director of the team included 20 players: Mahdy Soliman, Ahmed Yahia, Tareq Taha, Mahmoud Maaz, Sayed Farid, Yasser Ibrahim, Abdullah Bakri, Rajab Bakkar, Ahmed Homs, Islam Saleh, Ahmed Nabil Manga, Ibrahim Abdel Qane, Nasser Maher, Mahmoud Sayed, Ahmed Temsah, Omid Okiri, Augustine Okra, Bilal Zakaria Hussam Hassan and Mahmoud Samy. Mohammed Abu Jabal and Mohammed Hamdi Zaki are injured, Steven Sarvo, Osama Ibrahim and Abdel Aziz Emam for technical reasons.

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