20% savings at the pump: eco-driving seduces companies

“Burn one liter less per hundred kilometers without extending my journey time? So that, I ask to see”, launches Arnaud who travels nearly 25,000 kilometers per year at the expense of his employer. If he is also doubtful, it is because this seasoned driver is convinced – like many professionals who spend their day behind the wheel – that they have nothing more to learn. He concedes, however, that the key to reducing his fuel budget inevitably involves reforming his driving behavior.

If Arnaud is willing to take this eco-driving training, it is his employer who pays the bill. Because in these times of soaring prices at the pump, companies are taking a fresh look at training in the rules of eco-driving. Insurers, too, are happy to offer this kind of awareness training to their clients.

Training employees in eco-driving: an investment quickly amortized on the bill for fuel purchases

“Many professionals have chosen to invest in our formula”, reports the Extreme Security training center based in Fay-de-Bretagne (44). “The investment is potentially very profitable, because a decrease of 15 to 20% (on average) of the fuel budget is entirely possible”, asserts this company which has been preaching since 1995 the advantages of so-called peaceful driving. Not only does it reduce fuel consumption, but it increases the longevity of brakes and tyres.

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Individuals are also looking for a way to reduce their bill at the pump. According to the results of an opinion poll conducted on behalf of Odopass (the application that protects against scams when buying a second-hand car), the rise in fuel prices led 68% of French to change their driving behavior in recent weeks. Nearly 42% of them would thus have resolved to moderate their speedhoping to lessen their engine’s appetite.