20 soldiers and 80 firefighters mobilized in the northeast of the Orne department to deal with the floods

The bad weather that has occurred in the region in recent hours has caused flooding in the Orne and more particularly in the northeast of the department. The municipality of Sap-en-Auge is particularly affected. The prefecture calls for caution.

This Tuesday, June 22, at the very beginning of the afternoon, the Orne prefecture announced that flooding was underway in the north of the department, and more particularly in the area of ​​Sap-en-Auge and Vimoutiers. Regarding Vimoutiers, the situation is not critical for the moment. “At this hour, it still holdse “, we are told at the town hall, referring to”small floods, a few downsides, a few caves, the river has not yet overflowed.

On the other hand, the situation is much more complicated in the municipality of Sap-en-Auge. “The recession seems to be starting but we still cannot move around the village“, explains us around 2 pm this Tuesday Gérard Rosé, the mayor,” lthe city is completely blocked, cars in the square cannot move.

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Two rescue operations were carried out this morning by the firefighters with the help of municipal employees. “They saved a man from a car and two people who were going to drown in their homes, there was only the head touching the ceiling and it stopped there, they could not breathe afterwards.“The mayor also mentions”small houses collapsing“. In the center of the village, the water would have risen to more than 80 centimeters.

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110 schoolchildren to be evacuated

If the bad weather occurred this Monday in the early evening, the flooding began this Tuesday in the middle of the morning. “From 10 o’clock the river overflowed and then it happened from all sides“, recounts Gérard Rosé,”In the beginning it was clear water, now it’s mostly mud that happens. Madam Prefect told me earlier that we had to be careful of landslides.

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Several homes are flooded. Some residents have been accommodated in the retirement home which has free rooms. Given the impossibility of moving around in the town, the mayor is currently working on the evacuation of the 110 children attending school in Sap-en-Auge. “We won’t be able to let parents access one by one“, warns Gérard Rosé. At the end of the afternoon the prefecture announces that the parents must pick up their children at the area of ​​the Bai horse, roundabout of Monnai in La Ferté-en-Ouche, where they are transported by bus In the event of a problem, contact 02 46 44 27 27.

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20 soldiers and 80 firefighters mobilized

The Orne prefecture indicates that it has set up a Departmental Operational Center (COD) to coordinate the action of the various services mobilized on this crisis. About twenty soldiers and 80 firefighters are deployed on the ground, as are four embracations. “Reconnaissance and safety operations took place throughout the day. Pumping operations have started and will continue during the recession.

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Floods in Sap-en-Auge

According to an initial assessment drawn up by the authorities, around 100 homes were flooded, one home was destroyed and another evacuated due to a risk of collapse. “34 people were brought to safety and two people with hypothermia were taken care of.“An accommodation fund has been set up at the Armontel room in Vimoutiersn by the community of communes of the Valleys of Auge and Merlerault with the departmental association for civil protection.

Several roads cut

The floods make it difficult to travel in this area. Several departmental roads are thus partially cut off on Tuesday afternoon and will remain so this night: RD12, RD13A, RD230, RD707 and RD3. Deviations have been put in place by the services of the Departmental Council.

This Tuesday morning, already, the Departmental Council of Orne alerted motorists: several roads in the department were impacted by mudslides.

Nearby, in the neighboring department of Calvados, the Fire and Rescue Service reported this Tuesday morning that the firefighters had carried out about sixty interventions “for exhaustion of premises and flooding, mainly on the companies of Falaise, Lisieux and Touques“.

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