20 years in prison for killing his wife after 54 years of marriage

The Hérault Assize Court sentenced Abderrahmane Khalid, an 83-year-old man, to 20 years in prison, convicted of killing his wife with around 40 shovels, who wanted a divorce after 54 years of marriage. .

In her indictment, the Advocate General, Isabelle Delande, had demanded a sentence “at least 15 years old“In prison for this former delivery driver, who faced life imprisonment. The jurors recognized that the responsibility of the accused, aged 79 at the material time, was mitigated by his mental disorders, according to the verdict pronounced after three days of trial and a three-hour deliberation.

“Breakingly entered into crime”

On August 2, 2018, Abderrahmane Khalid “broke into crime“, had underlined in her indictment Friday morning the representative of the public ministry. Isabelle Lalande had underlined “lack of remorseof this man born in Algeria in 1939 and who had done everything to integrate socially in France, with his wife Akila Cherrad, married in Lyon in 1964. After a lifetime of work, they had managed to afford a beautiful house in the Hérault.

«What obsesses him is the loss of his home, of not spending his retirement as he had imagined.“, remarked Mrs. Delande, noting that he had”not had a word for his wife or his three daughters“. Akila Cherrad, a woman with a strong character but “unhappy“, she added, could not bear to be the assistant of life of a failing husband, for whom she had the impression of having sacrificed all her life.

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“He wanted to kill her”

For his part, he had developed a form of paranoia, having “self-convinced“That his 73-year-old wife was cheating on him with a lover, within the marital home, according to the magistrate. Before the Assize Court, Abderrahmane Khalid persisted, as he has done for four years, in attributing his act to a “moment of madnesswithout explaining it clearly.

«He knew what he was doing, he wanted to kill her“, hammered the Advocate General, comparing the face of his wife, shattered by”36 shovel strokes“, at “a sculpture of Caesar».

The defense lawyer, Florence Delfau-Bardy, had asked for “detentionto the jurors. “The act is savage but the person who committed it was not a savage“, she pleaded. Abderrahmane Khalid has 10 days to appeal his sentence.