20,000 euros for clubs and three more years

The second edition of the Volkacher Cabaret Summer has also proven to be extremely fruitful for the clubs involved. These days, the city of Volkach, together with Volker Heissmann, presented a donation check for a total of 20,000 euros.

Of this, 18,000 euros are net proceeds, and Comödie Fürth added another 2,000 euros. The money can be divided between the seven clubs that took on the entertainment of the visitors during the ten cabaret days in August. These were the volunteer fire brigade, the VfL, the BRK readiness, the tennis club, the HSG, the FC Fahr and the Friends of the Wind Orchestra, as well as the music school.

The artists like the atmosphere in Volkach

This year 284 volunteers were on duty to provide the visitors with food and beverages over the ten days. For the clubs, the effort is manageable, the interaction worked well, said the head of the tourist information, Marco Maiberger. On behalf of the clubs, Steffen Winkelmann later thanked them. Every club could use the money, “we’d love to be there again”.

At the official handover of the donation check, Volkach’s mayor Heiko Bäuerlein, tourism boss Maiberger and the artistic director of the cabaret summer, Volker Heissmann, announced that the city and the Comödie Fürth had extended the cooperation agreement. Up to and including 2024, the cabaret summer will take place at the end of August and the beginning of September. The series of events “gave us a great format that we are happy to continue”, said Bäuerlein.

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Tourism director Maiberger also expressed his pleasure that the agreement was extended for the next three years. From the point of view of time, it is appropriate to hold the event after the wine festival on the fairground. In terms of logistics, this is ideal.

Ticket sales for the cabaret summer 2022 will start before Christmas

Volker Heissmann emphasized that the framework in Volkach simply fits. The artists like the space, as well as the atmosphere under the trees. “It’s so familiar, that’s what makes it stand out. The artists feel it.” Many of his colleagues also raved about Volkach this year after their appearances, according to Heissmann. He also thanked for the opportunity that the city had participated and made the fairground available. This helped the artists a lot, especially in the difficult Corona times.

Heissmann looked ahead and announced that Volkach wanted to roughly stick to the previous format. A maximum of around 1000 spectators, plus service to the visitors, that is what they want to keep. Next year the artists will be on the fairground between August 26th and September 4th. “It will again be a mixture of comedy, cabaret and music.”

The program is up to two numbers. He doesn’t want to reveal anything yet, said Heissmann, who wants to take turns. The idea is that ticket sales should start before Christmas.