20,000 women? That’s 1.2 a day! But for the legend with 100 points in one game, this is not a problem

Wilt Chamberlain is one of the greatest legends of the NBA, according to some even the greatest who has ever stepped on the floor.

The 216 cm tall American is the only one in history to score 100 points in a game in the NBA – in the victory of Philadelphia against New York with 169: 147 in 1962.

Chamberlain holds a number of other records, such as the one that averages 40-50 points per game in a season.

He is the only one to boast an average of 30 points and 20 rebounds per game in an NBA campaign.

But for pop culture, Chamberlain remains the most popular, acknowledging that he has slept with 20,000 women. The legend itself quotes this number in the book “View from Above”, published in 1991. He was then 55 years old.

In it, the former center talks about the sex temptations of being a world-famous star and all the goodies that come with fame. The book begins with the words: “Does sex rule the world? I think that’s right.”

And the number appears in this context:

“I have always believed that one can find love with more than one person,” Chamberlain writes. “For me, passion is the more normal part of us than love, because it comes to us all the time. your wet dreams.I am one of them.

So don’t be surprised when I tell you that I’ve “counted” every one I’ve slept with, or when I tell you that I slept with 20,000 women. Yes, that’s right – twenty thousand women. If you count, it turns out that I like 1.2 women a day every day since I turned 15.

Some may not believe it, but I’m not exaggerating. I do not increase the figure, because for me this is not an achievement. It just shows that I love spending time in the company of women. I know people are interested in my sex life, but they will be amazed at how many women have gone through my bedroom (and through various hotel rooms across the country).

I’m not saying all this to brag. I say that because it’s like basketball – my numbers on the floor are really incredibly high and some people think I’m cheating. But I have done many things that are hard to believe. Does that mean I have to talk about them? Or worry about whether someone will believe me? I think you can guess the answer yourself. “

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Here – the 20 thousand women have an explanation. A friend of Chamberlain, Rod Rodevig, confirmed this by talking about a joint vacation in Honolulu in the mid-1980s.

“It all started there,” he says. “Wilt invited me to his penthouse in Honolulu. We stayed there for ten days and I recorded everything. Every time he put a new girl in the bedroom, I noted it. Ten days later, I saw that I had marked a total of 23 women. That’s an average of 2.3 a day! I showed him the bills, he divided 2.3 by two to balance the “weak” periods. Then he subtracted 15 years from his age, multiplied his age by 1.2 women a day, and so it came to those “twenty thousand.”

However, part of the legend’s circle of friends believes that Chamberlain was forced to invent this number by the publishers of the book so that it could be sold as much as possible.

“Wilt called me to read a paragraph from the book,” says photographer Jessica Bernstein. “He wanted to prove to people that he was very smart. He always felt that people underestimated his intellect. That number, 20,000, appeared in the book at the last minute, I tried to reason with him, I told him it was a mistake.

First, he was exaggerating a lot. We met once in Vienna, I followed in his footsteps for four days, but nothing happened. Second, even if this number had anything to do with reality, both his critics and readers would concentrate on his sex life, and everything else in the book would be left in the background. And that’s exactly what happened. I was very worried. They used it, and I had warned him. “

The big problem at the time was not so much the number itself. The book was released in 1991, and during the national tour of its presentation, the basketball world was shocked by the news that Magic Johnson was infected with HIV, who had to explain at length about his life off the floor.

Johnson had HIV and was married. Chamberlain was not ill and was single. But that doesn’t matter – Chamberlain is forced to justify his extravagant lifestyle. Accusations began against the legendary center – disrespect for women, advertising an unhealthy lifestyle during the great fight against AIDS and lack of morality.

But the sharpest comment comes from tennis legend Arthur Ash.

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“For decades, African Americans have been trying to escape the notion of primitive creatures that live only to reproduce; to escape the stereotypes they attribute to us from the first day of slavery. And against the background of all this, we have two black men who graduated college, rich and world famous who confirm these stereotypes. “

Because of the sex scandal, Chamberlain lost many of his sponsorship deals. In the 90’s until his death in 1999 (age 63), the legend sought forgiveness for the whole situation and begged fans to read the whole book. And for the number 20 thousand he commented that it is rounded and should not be taken literally.

Even in his book, Chamberlain writes, “Men think that sleeping with a thousand different women is a kind of heroism. But I myself have come to the conclusion that it is a much greater achievement to make love to a woman a thousand times.”

But this quote is not gaining the same popularity. Chamberlain remains in history with a hundred points in one game and as a man seduced 20 thousand women.

“The Lakers were visiting, and I was sitting in his room,” says author David Shaw, with whom Chamberlain wrote his first book. I’ve already slept with you, why should I see you again? You can call me if you find a friend of yours. “

A little later, another woman called, who also wanted to come. “Okay, but I’m on a date now. Come around 12,” he told her. Then the first woman rang again. She had found a friend, and he replied, “Okay, but I have an appointment for 12, so go to 3.”

A few minutes before 12 Chamberlain sent me away. Going down to the lobby, I saw a beautiful girl pushing the button on Wilt’s floor. I sat down and started waiting. At 3, two more came, and the first girl had not yet left. They also pressed the button on Wilt’s floor.

At 5 in the morning my phone rang. It was Wilt who said, “Hey, buddy, all three are still here, come on, I need help.” And I said, “Wilt, I promised you in the beginning that I wouldn’t carry your suitcases and sleep with your wives.”

“He was amazing,” said businessman Tracy Sandlan, who met Chamberlain in the 1970s. to bother women. He called everyone, complimented them. If he tied, great, if not – he went to the next one. “

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Chamberlain stands out from the rest because of its huge stature. It does not go unnoticed anywhere, not only because of its 216 centimeters, but also because of the clumps of women around it.

“He was surrounded by women everywhere,” Dr. Stan Lorber recalled. “We went to Milan in 1982, Wilt was 46. 50-100 women immediately turned around the table. “They clung to him like flies to honey. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Chamberlain himself also likes to brag. And he does it in several places in his book.

“Nothing compares to a birthday party I was invited to in San Francisco,” Wilt wrote in his book. “I was the only man with 15 other ladies … I slept with everyone except one – I didn’t have enough strength. for the birthday girl, but I sang “Happy Birthday” to her, which may explain why I never got married. It should also put an end to rumors that occasionally everyone in Los Angeles who lives alone is gay. No I am not.”

But these legends are not accepted by everyone.

“20,000 is a terrible exaggeration,” said journalist Doug Cricorian. Yes, he must have had many women. But their number is not even close to that inflated number. “

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Because of the book’s notoriety and Magic Johnson Chamberlain’s illness, he was forced to admit the truth.

“I’m sorry people understood it that way,” he explains. “If you say you’ve seen Casablanca a thousand times, it just means you’ve seen it many times, doesn’t it? brag, I would just start listing them by name.

I was shocked to learn about Magic. I didn’t want to believe it because we both know each other very well. I don’t understand why people suddenly became concerned about the AIDS problem, as if nothing was known about it until yesterday. No, AIDS has been killing people for almost a decade. While everyone thought that only the unwanted elements of society – drug addicts, gays and people from minorities – suffered from this disease, there was no problem. Some of our characters had to get sick to understand how serious this disease was.

I’m sorry if I offended some of my friends. I have always treated women with due respect. I grew up with six sisters. I would never say anything bad against women. Everything that happened between me and the women was by mutual consent.

Everyone knows that 20,000 is a fictional number – a number I used to get people’s attention. But I also understand what happened next. Everyone said to themselves, “This is Wilt after all, it may be true.”

Legends are not born, they do not even become such.  Legends are processed, just like diamonds.