200W is not fast enough, Chinese manufacturers develop 240W fast charging-ePrice.HK

The competition in China’s mobile phone market is fierce. In order to attract consumers’ attention, manufacturers are constantly seeking breakthroughs in technology. It was reported earlier that the iQOO 10 Pro mobile phone will be equipped with a 200W fast charging capability. It is said that it only takes 12 minutes for the battery to be fully charged from 0 to 100%, but the mobile phone has not yet been launched, and the 200W fast charging may have been surpassed by another Chinese manufacturer.

9 minutes to fully charge 4,500mAh

Tech blog @Digital Chat Station broke the news on Weibo yesterday, saying that some Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are trial-producing 24v-10a 240W chargers. @Digital Chat Station refused to disclose the name of the manufacturer, but some foreign media estimated that it was OPPO, because they have demonstrated 240W fast charging technology in the past. In February this year, OPPO said that the 240W SuperVOOC fast charging technology they developed can fully charge a 4,500mAh battery in just 9 minutes.

OPPO has announced 240W fast charging technology

At that time, OPPO only revealed that the SuperVOOC technology has been tested in the prototype, but did not indicate when it will be officially commercialized. Some foreign media pointed out that when Chinese manufacturers develop faster charging technology, they often do not announce the state of the battery itself after multiple rapid charging, and whether there is a risk of accelerated aging.

Source: gizmochina