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2018 is the most disappointing BlizzCon ever

Cortyn is dissatisfied with the BlizzCon 2018. Because it would not have needed a show for the show so far.

Although only one of BlizzCon 2018 is over for two days, I'm already rather dissatisfied with BlizzCon.

The big announcements are through. In other words, there were no big announcements.

Overwatch Reunion Bob screenshotAll these things are not spectacular. All of these things are content that Blizzard otherwise "pops out" over the course of a year. New heroes for HotS and Overwatch are released on a regular basis, as well as new enhancements to Hearthstone. There is no need for a house fair for. So the real "new" announcements remain:

Warcraft 3: Reforged and Diablo Immortal.

Warcraft 3: Frankly, I'm pretty happy about Reforged. I had rummaged through Warcraft 3 again a while ago and wondered what the game would look like in more up-to-date graphics. My only criticism is that the remake seems to be losing a bit of its "comic charm", but I'd rather wait for the finished game than to judge it in advance.Warcraft 3 Reforged Title

The shot in the oven: Diablo Immortal

Although I do not play Diablo 3 myself, the Blizzard franchises are close to my heart. Not least because at least in Heroes of the Storm I like to play the heroes or at least watch the story of Diablo.

The disaster that Diablo Immortal has been at BlizzCon has never been seen before in gaming. By contrast, even EA's battlefield debacle has been a joke.

Why does Blizzard leave the development of its own franchise to a company like NetEase? How can you give "your baby" out of hand, even if you're a publisher?

Our shoemaker says Blizzard has proven "steel eggs", but I think Blizzard has completely bypassed the interest of his own community with the game.Diablo Immortal Screen 4

All you have to do is ask: What is BlizzCon? A show celebrating Blizzard and their games, by a loyal team that they have built up over decades. These are players on the PC or on PS4 and Xbox One and maybe a few isolated Mobile Hearthstone players. But if the pure "Mobile Hearthstone" players are represented at the BlizzCon, I would even doubt it.

Blizzard has a team that likes to gamble at home and spend hours in foreign worlds. Blizzard has, at least in the West, hardly any players who want to stare for hours at a small smartphone display.

DIablo Immortal Crusader not amused title

Honestly, I felt a bit sorry for the two developers who had to announce Diablo Immortal on stage. With hundreds of people waiting with expectations and hopes for Diablo 4, a new add-on for Diablo 3, or a remake of Diablo 2, it's bound to be hard to sell them anything else. Showing them something that they immediately hate abysmally is then on a completely different level.

Or to say it with the comments under the Diablo video: "No king rules forever, my son."

But at least one good thing – there are nice memes, including some of my old favorites:

<img src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" class = "lazy lazy-hidden" data-lazy-type = "iframe" data-lazy-src = ""alt =" "/>

Perhaps it's good that Blizzard "blazes" with this BlizzCon but especially with Diablo Immortal. Because maybe Blizzard must meet the shareholders and therefore fully rely on mobile – but if the players do not want that, the interest of shareholders should slide far, far into the background.

Sure, the BlizzCon is more than just new announcements. It is also the venue for numerous eSports tournaments and a community meeting. But I can not and do not want to evaluate these aspects here. I can only rate the new announcements and they are no less than a farce this year.

I would not have needed a BlizzCon for that.WoW Malfurion troll close up title

But alright – at least some details about World of Warcraft still interest me, so it's not a complete flop.

What do you think about the BlizzCon 2018 so far?


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