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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Russell Wilson traded Giants for crazy wins, Seahawks land on Kyler Murray

1 Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama
There have been contradictory buzz about what the cardinals at the top of the bill are trying to do: I like the idea that Arizona is up to what they have and improve their defense. It gives them a better chance of winning this year. 2 Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State
The 49ers are also not bothered by this movement, because they end up in this design the Randrusher they desire. 3 Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
I think Seattle would prefer to get a cheaper option on quarterback (Josh Rosen?), But this is a pretty good substitute for Russell Wilson on a rookie contract. 4 Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky
This was Mike Mayock's worst nightmare (and Derek Carr's), with Jon Gruden having to choose between Kyler Murray or a defensive player. Fortunately, the Seahawks jumped in front of this bus and let the Raiders toast the train with defense. Devin White, LB, LSU
Nothing crazy here. Just a team with a need to design a player who deserves a top 10 selection. 6 Jawaan Taylor, OL, Florida
The jets would probably like to pull back down, but I decided to leave them and offer some protection to Sam Darnold. The addition of the second all-rounder is enormous for her. 7 T.J. Squatting, TE, Iowa
The Jags need to beef up their pass-play weapons and improve their running blocking, and the big end of Iowa does both. 8th Rashaan Gary, DL, Michigan
I just keep going to this selection. I have no extraordinary reason. It fits though 9 Andre Dillard, OL, Washington State
The bills need to improve the protection of Josh Allen, with the first round in this draft. 10 Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
John Elway wants to win now and he has Joe Flacco, but he also knows that he needs a Plan B for the future and he loves him with Drew Lock. Big, big, strong arm. If Flacco gets hurt, he has to have some support. 11 Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio
Zac Taylor is just in love magically with Andy Dalton? Maybe he thinks he can win with him. Or maybe he thinks adding another young quarterback will give him a better chance of winning in the long run. He can give Haskins a Carson Palmer year as a beginner. 12 Devin Bush, LB, Michigan
This is a first! But I like it somehow. The Packers need more weapons for Aaron Rodgers, but I could easily see that they want to add the 12 best defensive players on the game board at 12 and then think about insults at their next election. 13 Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama
The Dolphins are probably a team to trade here again because they want to accumulate assets, but in this particular case we just have to give them a high-level perspective that can provide a quarterback infrastructure that will design them over the next two years , 14 Ed Oliver, DL, Houston
It feels like a total transfer, if it is actually possible. fifteen Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
Someone takes Jones in the first round and it could be someone in the NFC East – it might even be a question of whether or not the Russian trade actually takes place. With the Giants out of the mix, maybe the Redskins are playing chicken. Or maybe they decide that right now they need to help their work situation. 16 Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson
I think the Panthers would love this situation. Whether or not they move to 3-4 more looks, they can still use a guy like Ferrell to improve the defense. A local product with a great pedigree and good luck in the field? That's ideal. 17 Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson
The Seahawks want to bring it back to 2013 by swapping Wilson and using those picks for defense. Suddenly they have a stud. 18 Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma
It's just hard to get past them if they take anything other than an offensive lineman with this election. 19 Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State
Dream scenario for a team that needs help with the Edge Rusher. Easy choice here for the Titans. 20 Byron Murphy, CB, Washington
They would probably prefer one of the linebackers, but instead they would have to pay with one of the cornerbacks. 21 Dexter Lawrence, DL, Clemson
The Seahawks only take a few Clemson players with them. This does not feel like a bad strategy. 22 D. K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss
The Ravens believe that this is a fever dream, but they have reached the top recipient of the class in 22nd place. All right. 23 Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas
The Texans have to take an offensive lineman here. You only have to. 24 Noah Fant, TE, Iowa
The Raiders want to go into the defense, but they like the talent on the tight end too much not to surpass Fant. 25 Jeffery Simmons, DL, Mississippi State
Feels like a team ready to take on a Redshirt risk for a potential top 10 player who has injured in the off-season, and at a lower cost. 26 Brian Burns, EDGE, FSU
The Colts want to improve a surprising defense so that Juston Houston can help the mentor. 27 Garrett Bradbury, C, NC, State
Rodney Hudson is older and has gone into the last year of his deal. I can see Mike Mayock, who loves Bradbury here. 28 Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
This is a deep secondary, but they can add even more talent. Linebacker is a bigger need, but they can not reach at this point. 29 Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama
This feels like a kind of luxury, but the Chiefs need more help walking back, and Jacobs is versatile, with minimal wear and tear. In Andy Reid's offense he would be fun. 30 Hakeem Butler, WR, State of Iowa
Aaron Rodgers plus Davante Adams plus Hakeem Butler? That will play well. 31 Greg Little, OL, Ole Miss
This offensive line ages pretty fast and the Rams have to fill up their depth before it gets too late. 32

Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State
They usually go into the defense or act back – I understand that, but I also see that they add a smaller racer that can be used as a gamebreaker in many ways in this offense.


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