Trump’s popularity peaks in the middle of the coronavirus crisis | International

President Donald Trump answers journalists’ questions in the White House press room.Evan Vucci / AP (AP) Donald Trump’s approval ratio has reached the maximum of his presidency in the midst of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The percentage of support among Americans has risen five points from the measurement in early March, to […]

Bolsonaro considers quarantine measures dictated by governors and mayors a crime

A dangerous trio in Latin America against the covid-19 7:28 (CNN Spanish) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro toughened criticism on Wednesday against governors and mayors who have independently applied more stringent quarantine measures in their territories. In declarations to journalists, the president affirmed that they commit a “crime” and accused them of being “busting Brazil […]

“I have coronavirus circulating in my veins, but I am not afraid”

Both trying to avoid it, scrubbing it and putting alcohol in it to also end up in a hospital bed with the coronavirus circulating through my veins. But I am not afraid, nor am I scared for my health. I lived my healthy 28 years as a flu. And I am relieved that this mandatory […]

Classic tennis at Wimbledon is considering rejection

Sports The Wimbledon lawn tennis classic, scheduled for June 29 to July 12, could be postponed or canceled due to the corona pandemic, according to the organizers. This was announced by the All England Lawn Tennis Clubs (AELT) on Wednesday. A decision will be made next week. SN / APA (AFP) / TOBY MELVILLE The […]

Free game: Ubisoft is giving away Child of Light

Image: Ubisoft Ubisoft is giving away its own Jump ā€™nā€™ Run Child of Light in the PC version. If you have an existing Ubisoft account, the game can be picked up via the web shop or directly via the Uplay software and kept permanently. The offer is valid until March 28, 2020 at 2 p.m. […]

Covid-19. “The poor are immune” to the coronavirus, says Barbosa, Mexican governor

The governor of Puebla, the morenista Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta assured that the coronavirus It mainly attacks the “well-off people” and assured that the “poor” are immune. In his press conference, the state president affirmed that the majority of those affected by the virus are wealthy people. “There are many people out of the 40 […]

Five members of Madeiran family infected after trip to Spain

A Madeiran citizen who returned to the Region in the last few days after a trip to Spain ended up infecting four family members with the new coronavirus, in what are, until now, the only cases of local contagion of the disease. In fact, three of the four new cases announced this afternoon, at the […]

New virus is spreading in China

In China, a man died of the Hanta virus. Is there a new epidemic? This news was particularly high on social media: In the Chinese province of Shandong, a man died of the so-called hantavirus. At the same time, several infections were reported in several Chinese provinces. Parallels to the corona virus were immediately established, […]