He lost his grandmother and father to the coronavirus; Kroos supports it

Ignacio L. Albero, editor of Ok daily, has lost his Grandma and his father victims of coronavirus in Spain. The journalist used his Twitter profile to share with his family and friends the pain caused by the death of two of his loved ones consecutively: “My grandmother and my father. In 3 days. By coronavirus. […]

has exported 4 billion masks in one month

While the economy world is practically paralyzed Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some do business with the virus: China, the great pantry of the planet. According to data collected by Afp from Chinese customs services, since the beginning of March, in one month, China has sold about 4 billion masks to countries affected by the […]

Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Dollar in Peru: exchange rate closes up amid uncertainty due to the impact of COVID-19 and BCR measures – today Sunday April 5, 2020 | Exchange rate | quote | purchase | sale | bcr | interbank | ocoña nndc Markets

The price of the dollar in Peru closed higher in a context in which the majority of Latin American markets were devalued on Friday, so investors kept their appetite for dollar assets to cover risks, while the number of contagions by COVID-19 amounted to 1595 cases. The greenback closed the day at S / 3.46, […]

Ayman Abdel Aziz: Al-Ahly does not preserve its children

Wrote: Ahmed Sherif Monday 6 April 2020 12:54 am Ayman Abdel Aziz, the former coach of Zamalek, confirmed that he hopes that Hossam Ashour, the player of Al-Ahly, will move to the White Castle in light of the benefit that Al-Abyad will enjoy with his presence. Abdel Aziz said in statements via Al-Nahar Channel One, […]

“Crime scene” from Dresden: Every step only leads further down

The “crime scene” from Dresden turns victims into perpetrators – in a tragic and wonderfully told way. The young parents Anna (Katia Fellin) and Louis Bürger (Max Riemelt) want to finally get their life under control. PD It hurts. It hurts so much that your own blood pounds in your ear. That the loud beeping […]

The officials did not agree on serious support in the new anti-crisis plan

The second anti-crisis package will be presented this week, but there will be no serious monetary measures to support the business, four federal officials told Vedomosti. Small and medium-sized businesses will receive new help, other companies will receive only targeted support measures, for example, additional capitalization of the Industrial Development Fund (FRP) is possible, two […]

Job center – without work, without contact person – business

The announcement lasts more than two minutes: If you are currently trying to reach a job center employee, you have to listen to a lot of words before you can even give your processing number. There is talk of the expected high volume of telephone calls and limited accessibility. But the central sentences are: “All […]