Latest NBA news and rumors

Adebayo was unavailable for Game 2 and watched from the bench | Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images The Miami Heat resisted but were clearly outmatched in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, a match in which they couldn’t count on Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo due to injuries. The 23-year-old center revealed that despite […]

Raúl Jiménez extends contract with Wolves until 2024

Through social networks, the English team of the Wolverhampton announced the extension of the Mexican soccer player’s contract, Raul Jimenez for four more seasons. The canterano de las Águilas arrived from Benfica from Portugall in 2018 and has become the face of the team in front of goal, scoring 46 times in 103 games for […]

PlayStation 5: Japanese youtubers will show the console very soon

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Sony has already confirmed the launch date of PlayStation 5 and the titles that will accompany the system in its first months of life. However, there is one detail that has several players concerned: the company has not shown […]

Why should homeowners be wary of legal mortgages?

Everyone has heard of real estate mortgages, even those who don’t own a building. For many consumers, mortgages are indeed essential for homeownership. But did you know that there are other types of mortgages? Mortgages that can be registered on buildings without their owners having consented, whether tacit or explicit? This is called legal mortgages. […]

the meteorite that “stuck” in the Earth’s atmosphere

Last week, a small meteorite stopped for a quick visit to our atmosphere before returning to space. Meteorites are small remnants of matter, resulting from collisions between asteroids or the disintegration of comets, which evolve and move in outer space. They are generally composed of iron and rock. Meteors that pass over our planet are […]

Geopolitical reflections of the coup

They say that there is no better improvised speech than one that is deeply prepared. The “improvised” coordination between international organizations, foreign ministries, police forces and the Bolivian armed forces with the opposition, only reaffirms that good planning, such as the one seen in the coup in Bolivia, resembles a symphony orchestra led by Leonard […]

‘Also fit, young people’ –

The great majority of corona patients (95 percent) are not completely free of symptoms after six months. Most of them did not have to go to hospital, but still have at least six complaints six months after infection. This has emerged from research by the Longfonds, the universities of Maastricht and Hasselt and the Ciro […]

Saborido and his desire to preside over the Neuquén Federation

Saborido and his friend Mario Sepúlveda, who is also on the list. For Wednesday, September 30, the Neuquén Basketball Federation has its elections scheduled. Until last weekend, there were three candidates, but the decision to get off Jorge Comoli left current president Sergio Gatti and Luciano Saborido as the two leaders who top the competing […]

Work Yes There is: Zoom has 2,000 job vacancies from any country

The renowned Zoom video calling company announced that you are in search of close to 2,000 vacancies for people to telecommute from any country. Work Yes there is. Although there are many companies that had to do without several of their employees due to the economic crisis left in its wake by the pandemic caused […]