FC Grenoble: the starting XV against Valence Romans

FC Grenoble has communicated the composition of the team that will face Valence Romans this Saturday, October 17 behind closed doors at the Stade des Alpes. Ange Capuozzo leaves the team, Adrien Séguret enters, in the center, Tupuola sliding on the wing. Starting XV: Dylan Jacquot, Lilian Rossi, Ilia Kaikatsishvili – Andreï Ostrikov, José Madeira […]

Benito, the dog that went viral when he visited the grave of his owner

Benito’s story, a puppy that lost its owner, Joha, four years ago, has moved thousands through social media. The canine still remembers the woman he lived with for two years, so He shows his loyalty when he visits the cemetery where his remains lie. Also look at: (VIDEO) The curious way in which a dog […]

Morchit Boxing News: Program Sunday, February 23, 2020

Muay Thai 7 colors program, Sunday February 23, 2020, broadcast live on Channel 7HD at 14:30 Match 1 over geoscience meets the wonderful blue sky, patriotic, 112 pounds Match 2 Great White Shark Mr. A Thasala meets Yok Kiri TN Muay Thai £ 115 Match 3 Petch Samui, son of the boiler house, meets the […]

Pierre Vassiliu’s objects on sale this weekend

“When I will be forty, if I am given time, I want my house to be full as always, with noises, unreason, calm and then with love. That there are poivrots, musicians and poets, real people, who have talent and not have a big head. ” When Pierre Vassiliu moved to the Gers in Puylausic, […]

CUPRA Formentor VZ 2022 was already seen at the Nürburgring

CUPRA is one of the brands that only announced its independence from Seat and immediately presented a wave of products, including Formentor, the first official model of the company that has now been seen at the Nürburgring but with an extremely interesting version.

Carl Pei has left OnePlus – Tablets and Phones – News

Carl Pei has left OnePlus, which he founded with Pete Lau. He speaks of ‘following his intuition’ and ‘spending time with family and friends’, but previous reports from sources such as TechCrunch speak of a power struggle within the Chinese company. In a blog post, Pei states that OnePlus has ‘been his only focus in […]

Pandemic. Covid: Mathieu Klein will strengthen controls in Nancy

Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy and president of the metropolis, calls for “a strict and rigorous application of the wearing of masks, barrier gestures, the use of hydroalcoholic gel” and announces “a strengthening of controls” by the municipal police. He was speaking at the end of the crisis unit in which he participated at the […]

Warning No. 8 Rainfall! 50 provinces – Bangkok metropolitan area

Warning No. 8 Rainfall! 50 provinces – Bangkok metropolitan area On October 17, 2020 at 6:15 a.m. The Department of Meteorology issued a warning No. 8, the strong pressure cell, 50 provinces of Bangkok and its vicinity. Heavy to very heavy rain. Beware of flash floods, flash floods Announcement of the Meteorological Department “Strong low […]