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Back 4 blood marks developer Turtle Rock Studios’ long-awaited return to the zombie genre, but it’s missing Left 4 dead iconic Versus Campaign mode. The current package presented in the base game is still convincing, but the basic versus mode would be much better if players could choose a specific campaign to fight with one another, just as they could in-game left 4 Dead.

Back 4 blood is a cooperative zombie shooter game from the left 4 Dead Schimmel. Back 4 blood offers human characters to choose from, a wide arsenal of weapons, and special Infected (referred to in the game as “ridden”) against whom it can be used. The current Versus offers in Back 4 blood, although, is limited to only one mode, “Swarm”, in which teams of four cleaners compete against four ridden ones. While this PvP mode is fun, it’s no better to play the campaign with real people fighting each other, or even to experience the specific campaign stages through the eyes of a grotesque zombie.

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Back 4 blood originally contained a campaign versus mode, but this was shortened during development. Turtle Rock Studios Co-Founder and Design Director Chris Ashton explained in a Q&A to Discord Server in August that the reason the mode was discontinued was due to the fact Back 4 Blood’s specially infected “Were good at ambush”, and the “Defending worked much better for [Back 4 Blood] than running from AB. “ However, there are almost certainly compelling design reasons for not having Versus Campaign mode in Back 4 blood, it’s still disappointing that it’s not included in the base game.

It is important to remember that although they were created for the most part by the same developers, Back 4 blood is not Left 4 Dead 3. There may be many similarities between the two franchises, but Turtle Rock Studios’ latest attempt is a game of its own with its own personality and atmosphere. That is, play through Back 4 Blood’s Campaign and Swarm modes separately illustrate the potential a Versus campaign would have. The game still uses the same formula that it made left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 So good to start with, and while there are major differences between the two franchises, one would hope that certain adjustments can be made to accommodate such a fan-preferred mode in the future.

There are currently no plans to run a Versus campaign too. to add Back 4 blood, but Turtle Rock Studios has a significant roadmap in the works for future content, including more weapons, cosmetics, campaigns, characters, and enemies. There’s always a chance it will be added in the future, but for now, players will have to settle for the game’s swarm mode as the only PvP mode offering.

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