2021: Black year for beekeeping

No doubt or half measures, for the National Union of Apiculture: 2021 is described as “the worst year of French beekeeping.” In the Hérault, the beekeepers have asked for the classification as a disaster “as the harvests look bad. In this context, the prefect of Hérault Hugues Moutouh visited the farm of Eric Lelong, beekeeper, president of the Beekeeping commission of the FNSEA and president of the Apicole interprofession, INTERAPI, located in Aspiran. Like its colleagues, the Hérault region is having a bad year 2021 due to bad climatic conditions. The weather brought down the production of nectar but also favored the appearance of a parasite very well known for bees: the varroa which decimates the colonies. Honey producers, already threatened by the Asian hornet, see a new predator: the oriental hornet. implanted in France, like the Asian hornet, beekeepers are asking the authorities to carry out a massive trapping campaign at the end of winter to aim for eradication before it is too late.