2021 – Ghosts of Vader’s Castle deliver more terrifying Star Wars stories

The horror returns to the. back war of stars Galaxy with the coming Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vaders Castle. That Miniseries will continue to deliver terror-laden stories in the war of stars Universe. This year the horrors come not only from ghosts, but also from droids.

IDW has been publishing horror stories in a galaxy far, far away for three years. The tradition started with Stories from Vader’s Castle in 2018, followed by Return to Vader’s Castle next year and then the one-shot Shadow from Vader’s castle last year. Ghosts from Vader’s Castle continues the fun, offering an anthology of scary stories perfect to prepare for Halloween.

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IDW Publishing has announced Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vaders Castle, a new five-issue series to be released this September. This series, like the previous three, is written by Cavan Scott. Scott has written several others Star Wars adventure Comics, as well as the novel Dooku: Jedi verloren. He definitely has experience with that war of stars Universe and was part of the development The High Republic Initiative that started this year. Artists in this series include Francesco Francavilla, Derek Charm, Megan Levens, Robert Hack, and Chris Fenoglio. Each issue will contain three cover variations, with Cover A of ‘Dawn of the Droids’ by Francavilla and Cover B of ‘Descent into Droids’ by Charm. A Retailer Incentive Edition also uses Francavilla’s line drawings in black and white. Have fun with the front pages and the summary of the following miniseries from IDW Publishing:

Ghosts from Vader’s Castle sees fan favorites support war of stars Characters haunted by zombie droids nightmares, vicious mountain-sized Wookiees, and a host of monstrous horrors … it all has to do with their experiences at the dreaded Vader Fortress.

The covers of this series feature Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Jar Jar Binks. As promised, the covers feature zombie droids, although R2-D2 apparently lacks the bright green look that all other droids – including C-3PO – have. Perhaps the heroic astromech has managed to escape this terrible fate, although another may be waiting for him. Previous stories in the Vader’s castle Have at various points in the line war of stars Timeline with different main characters. This included the crew of the Geist, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul, Count Dooku and even Ewoks.

Francesco Francavilla returns to design the cover and maintains a similar tone in the larger series, while Derek Charm, Robert Hack and Chris Fenoglio provided the images in the first two Vader’s castle Series, and Megan Levens returns after work. back Return to Vader’s Castle. These artists have all demonstrated their ability to deliver hauntedly war of stars Stories, and exciting to see them return for another series.

Located on Mustafar, the fumes from the nearby lava lakes create toxic fumes that can hallucinate their victims, making Vader’s Castle the perfect place for eccentric stories that are still recognizable in the war of stars Universe, which may explain the advertised appearance of a Kaiju Wookiee. Fans have to stop by Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vaders Castle when it starts in September to find out what horrors are unleashed and how their favorite heroes make it alive.

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Source: IDW-Publishing

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