2021 – Lizzo dresses as Baby Yoda & sings in costume at Spotify Event

Lizzo flaunted her Halloween spirit at a recent Spotify event in Los Angeles, wearing a hilarious grogu costume (aka Baby Yoda) inspired by The Mandalorians when performing on stage. The “Juice” singer announced last August “new era” in her music career after releasing her single “Rumors” with rapper Cardi B. Since then, Lizzo has performed on Global Citizen Live 2021, won a VMA for Song of the Summer and even held a Ted Talk in September.

While many fans only associate Lizzo with music, it appears that she has her sights set on film and television projects as well. It was revealed last month that the singer had guest starred on Disney + Proud family Restart. Other prominent guest stars include hip-hop / pop artist Lil Nas X and comedian Tiffany Haddish. Earlier this year, there were also calls for Lizzo to play Muse Thalia in an as-yet-to-be-confirmed live-action remake of Disney Hercules, to which she responded with great enthusiasm. But Lizzo may just have hinted at her dream TV show collaboration with her 2021 Halloween costume.

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In a funny tweet, Lizzo showed off her Grogu-inspired look during her surprise appearance at Spotify’s Ghost Town Halloween Party on October 29th. You take it in The Mandalorians Character included his signature brown robes, green skin, and floppy ears, but Lizzo added some personal touches. For a “Grogus Wild Night” spin in his usual outfit, Lizzo paired the costume with sunglasses, a heart-shaped handbag and some Ugg boots while sipping a cocktail. She has subtitled the pictures “Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child has no memory of these events.” Check out her full post below:

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Lizzo may be happy to learn that filming is continuing The Mandalorians Season 3 is underway, star Carl Weathers confirmed the news earlier this month. With The Mandalorians Season 2, which ends in December 2020, is safe to say that fans are more than ready for new episodes. Even though The Mandalorians Season 3 probably won’t come out on Disney + for a year or so, so there’s still a lot to do war of stars Content to look forward to. Boba Fett’s book, that was teased The Mandalorians‘s Season 2 Finale, debut in December 2021, with Veterans war of stars Actors Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen headlined as well Obi Wan Kenobi, which arrives in 2022.

Audiences may not see Pedro Pascal’s Mando on screen for a while, but Lizzo’s incredible costume certainly got Grogu onto the streets. She shared more pictures of her posing with fans outside the event and shared a hilarious TikTok of her walking down Hollywood Boulevard to remix Cantina Band. Lizzo has always had a particularly fun social media presence, but this could be her best post yet. As it appears The Mandalorians may have just found his next great cast member, as Lizzo really impersonated the character on her Halloween night.

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