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2021 National Diving Championship Olympic event end day: the winner is more disappointed than happy

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  Original title: 2021 National Diving Championship Olympic event end day: the winner is more disappointed than joy

China News Service, Shanghai, May 15 (Reporter Miao Lu) The 2021 National Diving Championship, Tokyo Olympic Trial and National Games Diving Qualifying Tournament ended on the evening of the 15th in the finals of the women’s 3-meter springboard and the men’s 10-meter platform. . At this point, the competition for the four Olympic events has all come to an end. As the leader of the national diving team, Chongqing’s Shi Tingmao, who is about to enter his new year, won the women’s 3-meter springboard with 373.05 points, and the world champion Yang Jian won the men’s 10-meter platform championship.

Since 2013, with his outstanding personal skills and perfect match with Wu Minxia, ​​Shi Tingmao has not failed in world competitions, including the biennial Diving World Cup, the World Swimming Championships, and the Asian Games and Olympic Games held every four years. So far, she has won 4 Asian Games titles, 6 World Cup titles, 7 World Championships and 2 Olympic gold medals in the women’s 3-meter springboard and women’s double 3-meter springboard events.

But Shi Tingmao, who walked out of the field that day, did not have the slightest joy of winning. It turned out that in the semi-finals in the morning, she also jumped out of a high score of 391.05 points, but the final score was nearly 20 points less. Especially for the last jump 5152B, the single jump score was even less than 70 points.

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“In all the finals I have participated in, this is the worst I have ever played in my impression. I am very disappointed with my performance.” Shi Tingmao said. In her opinion, she had practiced too hard some time ago. I really want to dance well. “You should be able to tell from my movements, I jumped a little anxiously.”

Due to the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics was postponed for one year, and the impact on veterans like Shi Tingmao was particularly huge. Fortunately, Shi Tingmao’s injuries have not returned within a controllable range. With more than two months to go before the opening of the Olympic Games, Shi Tingmao is about to enter the sprint stage of preparations. Shi Tingmao said: “The deepest feeling along the way is that all beautiful things have to be paid for. I believe I can do it.”

In the men’s 10-meter platform final, due to the absence of Olympic champion Cao Yuan due to injury, the competition between Olympic champion Chen Aisen, world champion Yang Jian and rising star Lian Junjie became a highlight. Yang Jian played steadily all the way and finally won the championship with 532.65 points. Lian Junjie, known as the new “difficulty king” of China’s platform jumping, did not demonstrate his stability in the difficulty advantage and won the second place with 526.90 points. However, Chen Aisen only ranked third in the end due to constant mistakes.

After the match, Yang Jian said that although he simulated the competition as the Olympics and fully mobilized himself, there were still many mistakes. “Although I said I was rather disappointed, I was also a little pleased at the same time, because I did not appear in the Olympics like this. The problem is that it was exposed in advance, which also gave me a clear goal for the next training.”

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