[2021 NBA Draft Observation]Natural Winner-Jalen Suggs-NBA-Basketball

To say that the player who best represents the winner in this year’s draft is undoubtedly Jalen Suggs. High school almost dominated Minnesota for four years, and then entered the strong school Gonzaga in the freshman year, leading the team to a nearly perfect season. Although the ending was not as expected, Suggs undoubtedly proved his strength.

Basic materials

Height: 6 feet 4 inches / arm span: 6 feet 5 inches / weight: 205 pounds

College statistics: 14.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 1.9 steals, 2.9 turnovers, shooting measurements 50.3%/33.7%/76.1%

Offensive end

Suggs’s advantage lies in his brain, his clear thinking, and his control and decision-making ability on the court are both high-level existence in the same session. In high school, he used to be an American football quarterback and even received a scholarship. Because of this, Suggs has a very good vision and overall view. He is very scary in switching offenses, not only has top speed and finishing ability, Suggs can also pass long passes from quarterbacks, and can also rely on his own threat to attract the attention of opponents and then score the ball to teammates easily.

Pick-and-roll offense is Suggs’ strong point. He has excellent judgment and is not too impatient when he is double-teamed. He can send the ball to a declining center or weak-side shooter at the best time. The unfortunate part is that Suggs’s current ability to tow and defend after the pick-and-roll is not skilled enough. Although he can sometimes be seen in the game as a sense of hostage dribble, he will deal with it as soon as possible after the block , This part will be where he needs to be diligent after he enters the NBA.

In the pick-and-roll offense, not only pass the ball, Suggs itself is also extremely threatening in scoring. With a high level of acceleration and a sense of rhythm, both left and right hands can cut to the end, allowing him to directly enter the penalty area to challenge the basket after one block. At the same time, although the number of samples is small, the end of the throw with a hit rate of more than 60% is bound to be a major weapon for him to enter the NBA. Shooting after the pick-and-roll is the part that Suggs needs to improve. The shot balance is not bad, but the stability still needs to be strengthened. Fortunately, regardless of the middle distance or the opponent’s under three-pointer, as long as the opportunity comes, Suggs has the courage to make the defense to pay the price.

Suggs’ overall shooting posture is stable and his shooting speed is also quite fast. Regardless of whether you pull up a jumper, step back or C&S, you can have a good body balance, but the accuracy can only be said to be an ordinary level. Whether you can maintain a certain accuracy after entering the NBA will be a major issue for Suggs. If the accuracy can be improved, it will greatly liberate Suggs’ off-ball power, and with his already good empty-handed cutting ability, he can make a contribution regardless of whether he has the ball or not.

Suggs’s stamina is quite excellent. His quick first step and strong physique make his cut and fast break very threatening. Suggs is not afraid of collisions at the end, and has excellent coordination. It can absorb collisions in the air and end after making different steps after cutting in. Although Suggs has excellent finishing ability in the NCAA penalty zone, his ordinary wingspan and excellent but not top-notch jumping explosiveness make his finishing ability after switching to the NBA still a question mark.

At the same time, the wingspan issue seems to have affected his dribbling ability to some extent. In the game, the ball will drop from time to time, and the ball will also be spotted when encountering a more active defender. Suggs’s cut is currently relatively straight. If you don’t learn the skills of shifting and changing directions after entering the NBA, you will definitely get a lot of offensive fouls.

Defensive end

Suggs has a high level of lateral movement and a strong body, so that he will not fall under the wind when facing defenders, and can use his fast hands to interfere with the opponent’s dribble. Suggs’s excellent predictive ability and explosiveness on the ball line allows him to get a lot of opportunities to steal the ball, although sometimes there is still a risk of gambling. His defense after the rotation is also quite good, and from time to time he can see the picture of him flying out from the weak side to make up the defense.

In the off-ball defense, Suggs is not bad at circumventing the screen, and it will interfere with the hand and hand, and it can also suddenly come out to snatch the ball when the opponent’s ball holder is not paying attention. On the whole, Suggs is very good at defensive timing, and it can be expected that he will still be able to rely on defense to influence the direction of the game after entering the league.

The last thing that must be mentioned is the mentality of Suggs. Although he is accustomed to winning, Suggs has no arrogance at all. Instead, he is the most hustle player on the court. For every wave of possession, we will try our best to fight for the ball, desperately chasing the opponent’s fast break that seems to have been unable to stop, and the whole person slips on the floor for the ball. All the above are enough to prove Suggs’ desire for victory and outstanding attitude , Is also his most fascinating part.

to sum up

Suggs has very good brains and defensive abilities, and can accurately complete the tasks assigned by the coach. His body and physique allow him to double in the backcourt. If the stability of the shooting end can be improved, it can be expected that Suggs will be the core master of a team for the next 10 years. In the template part, there is not a very similar player, but I would say that he is like a more modern version of Jason Kidd, with a calm control and a strong body that can make his teammates better.