In our previous posts we already informed you about the innovations in tax law and what you need to know about new legal regulations in 2021.

Now we have summarized the most important changes in labor law for you!

Higher minimum wage

According to the Third Minimum Wage Adjustment Ordinance of November 9, 2020, the statutory minimum wage has been since January 1, 2021 ugly 9.50 Euro and from July 1st, 2021 ugly 9.60 Euro per hour actually worked.

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Old and new with short-time work benefits

The short-time work allowance (KuG) will continue to run as a pandemic-related subsidy in 2021.

Regulations extended

  • The regulation to increase the KuG (to 70 or 77 percent from the fourth and to 80 or 87 percent from the seventh month) applies to all employees whose entitlement to KuG arose by March 31, 2021, extended until December 31, 2021.
  • Until December 31, 2021, remuneration from short-time work remains marginal employment free of credit.
  • The reference period for companies that started short-time work by December 31, 2020 is extended by the second ordinance on the reference period for the KuG extended up to 24 months, at the latest until December 31, 2021.

Reimbursement of social security contributions

According to the first regulation amending the short-time work allowance regulation, all companies that started short-time work by March 31, 2021 must continue until December 31, 2021 only at least ten percent of the workforce in a company is affected by a loss of pay and there are no negative working time balances to build up. For the reimbursement of social security contributions, the following is provided in summary:

  • Full reimbursement by 6/30/2021.
  • Half of the reimbursement will then be made until December 31, 2021 at the latest for all companies that have started short-time work by June 30, 2021, whereby in these cases the reimbursement can be increased to 100 percent through qualification during short-time work until December 31, 2021.

Temporary work and the KuG

Temporary workers can also draw KuG until December 31, 2021, provided they are employed in rental companies that started short-time work by March 31, 2021.

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Furthermore, no entitlement to home office

The year 2021 is unlikely to bring a legal right to work from home, although the demand for this is increasing. Just one Right to information and discussion of the employee is planned. However, there is still no concrete plan for this.

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Further training should be promoted

Further incentives are set for further training – also in connection with short-time work:

  • Half of the reimbursement of the social security contributions no longer requires that the qualification must amount to at least 50 percent of the time of the absence from work.
  • For further training measures started during short-time work, Course fees reimbursed depending on the size of the company, provided
    • the further training measure> 120 hours takes and
    • Both they and the sponsor of the measure are certified according to SGB III.
  • For measures under the Advancement Training Promotion Act that are started during short-time work, half of the social security contributions can also be reimbursed for the period of short-time work. If a larger number of employees in a company providing vocational training is required due to the technological structural change, the employer can now also their consent or, with the consent of the works council, the subsidies apply in an application to the employment agency and then receive an approval for the entire service, with which the resulting qualification costs are funded.

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Less bureaucracy

Since January 1st, 2021, there is no longer any requirement to present the health insurance company’s membership certificate in paper form when starting a new job or when changing health insurance companies. In these cases, the employee only has to indicate his health insurance to the employer. This then in turn has the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the information through a electronic query procedure to be confirmed by the health insurance company at short notice.

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Raising the retirement age

In the course of the gradual increase in the retirement age in the statutory pension insurance the age limits will rise by one more in 2021 month. The contribution rate in the statutory pension insurance has remained since 01/01/2021 18.6 percent in general and 24.7 percent in the miners’ pension insurance.

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