2021 NFL draft begins without major surprises

The night began with mixed excitement and nervousness, but with the development, the forged smiles were something the NFL had long needed.

The 2021 NFL draft kicked off with three Cleveland figures: a current one: catcher Jarvis Landry, and two from yesteryear: quarterback Bernie Kosar and offensive lineman Joe Thomas, as guests to join Commissioner Roger Goodell (who ‘joked ‘saying: so that they boo me less … and he was not wrong).

It all started by making official what had been known for months: with Jacksonville taking Trevor Lawrence first and the Jets choosing Zach Wilson second, two ‘sung’ quarterbacks that, however, served to perfectly illustrate 2021: Lawrence at home , with his wife Marissa Mowry, celebrating by video conference … and Wilson, present in Cleveland to become the first player to celebrate with the fans present and hug Commissioner Goodell.

After that, the draft really started.

In a row

San Francisco assistant coaches reportedly didn’t know what the team’s selection was going to be until the commissioner said it on stage. With the third pick, the 49ers chose their new quarterback, their bet for the future: young Trey Lance.

Thus, starting with a run of three quarterbacks, the 2021 draft joined those of 1971 and 1999 as the only ones in history to start with the selection of three QBs.

At 71, Jim Plunkett, Archie Manning and Dan Pastorini, taken by the Boston Patriots, the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Oilers respectively. In 99, Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb and Akii Smith, chosen by the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals.

Previously, of those 6 only one, Plunkett, could win a Super Bowl. In the future we will see what Lawrence, Wilson and Lance can achieve.

Then it was time for the wings, starting with Kyle Pitts, registered as a tight end, as he is a huge threat who is capable of playing close or wide, and continuing with a couple of meetings: the first in Cincinnati, where they chose Ja’Marr Chase to get back together with Joe Burrow; and the second in Miami, where they took Jaylen Waddle to meet with Tua Tagovailoa.

The selections made made available Penei Sewell, who as the best offensive lineman available was taken over by Detroit to protect Jarred Goff. Then Carolina and Denver (the latter immersed in discussions to obtain neither more nor less than Aaron Rodgers, who said he wanted to get out of Green Bay) each chose cornerbacks. Then the top ten closed with the first change of the night.

When Dallas was on duty, he decided to send the 10th pick to Philadelphia, which started the chess moves. Vaqueros dropped to 12th position, but also got the 84th pick from this draft. The Eagles took the Heisman Trophy winner: petite but lethal wide receiver DeVonta Smith.

And already undergoing changes, Chicago decided it was time to go for their QB of the future and sent the Giants a package of 4 selections: 20 and 164 of this year plus the 1st and 4th rounds of 2022, to take Justin Fields, the fourth quarterback to hear his name on the night. Chicago paying high, once again, for selecting a QB.

Vaqueros then took linebacker Micah Parsons to bolster his defense; The Jets made another change to move up to 14th and select competent offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker to provide quality protection for their newest jewel, young Wilson, and the 15th pick was named the last QB of the night, who was named became the first to be chosen in the 1st round by Bill Belichick during his time in New England: Mac Jones, a player whose main characteristic is intelligence and who increased to 11 the record number of players chosen by Belichick who graduated from the factory run by Nick Saban.

The second part, normal

The last part of the first round was distributed in 11 defensive and 6 offensive selections, highlighting that in them two consecutive runners were taken in positions 24 and 25, by Pittsburgh (Najee Harris) and Jacksonville (Travis Etienne), and closed with two linebackers, in places 31 and 32, by 31. Baltimore (Jayson Oweh) and Tampa Bay (Joe Tryon).

In the count, the University of Alabama took the first round, having 6 players chosen that allowed it to tie with its Miami counterpart, in 2004, the most in history.

The most chosen position was that of defensive lineman, with 6; closely followed by the 5 quarterbacks, the 5 receivers and the 5 cornerbacks.

The lowest contract from a player chosen in the opening round will be Joe Tryon’s with champion Buccaneers, which will total $ 11.1 million over four years. The highest will obviously be that of the first pick, Trevor Lawrrence, who secured $ 36.7 million for the next 4 years.