2078 young people are starting their professional careers with dual training


In the 2021 training year, 2,078 young people in the Ulm IHK region concluded training contracts with companies from industry, services and trade, including 51 young refugees. Although that is 2.7 percent less than a year ago, the training market is stabilizing. In absolute figures, this is 58 fewer apprenticeships than in 2020.

The effects of the Corona crisis and the associated uncertainty, especially among school leavers, are still being felt in the training sector. Companies and school leavers had a very difficult time finding each other last year due to the pandemic restrictions. In addition, many companies had to drive on sight. “Despite the Corona crisis, our companies are still relying on dual training in order to cover tomorrow’s need for skilled workers today,” says Petra Engstler-Karrasch, General Manager of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with conviction.

Contract termination rate falls – test results at a high level

According to current calculations by the Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office for 2020, 22 percent of trainees in all training areas terminated their training contract prematurely. The State Statistical Office has calculated a rate of 14.6 percent for the IHK Ulm. That is 1.9 percent less than in the previous year. These figures impressively show that for those who were in an apprenticeship in 2020, the dual vocational training has remained stable despite the great challenges and the training companies for dual training are still standing. It is also gratifying that in 2021 almost 94 percent of those taking the exams successfully completed their final exam.

IHK training campaign: “Do what you want”

The training campaign “Do whatever you want.” of the twelve Baden-Württemberg Chambers of Industry and Commerce is focusing on a promising start to professional life, especially in times of Corona. She wants to sensitize young people to the subject of vocational training and get them excited about the multitude of further training opportunities. The campaign addresses young people where they like to be: on Instagram, Snapchat and Spotify. In addition, those interested in training can find comprehensive information on all aspects of training and further education at “The training campaign complements our campaign ‘Future? Safe’. “We want to use it to show that training is the right recipe for a successful start in professional life,” says the general manager of the IHK Ulm. “Companies want to continue training and will continue to need qualified specialists in the future.”

The training figures in detail

The decline in apprenticeships compared to 2021 in the Ulm IHK region consists of a minus of 8.8 percent in the Alb-Donau district, a minus of 2.5 percent in the Biberach district and a plus in the city of Ulm of 1.3 percent together.
The decline in trainees is spread across the commercial and industrial-technical professions. Industrial and technical occupations in the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce showed a decrease of 0.1 percent, commercial training occupations a decrease of 4.9 percentage points. “The Chambers of Industry and Commerce are partners to both companies and trainees on all issues related to training – this starts with advice on career choice and extends to all examination questions and the solution of problems during training,” says Engstler-Karrasch, summarizing the range of tasks of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce together.