20th blood donation marathon in Neuss – NE-WS 89.4

On Thursday (06/30/22) a blood donation marathon will take place in the Neusser Arsenal – the reserves are tighter than ever before. Every blood donation is urgently needed.

© City of Neuss

The 20th Neuss blood donation marathon will take place on Thursday, June 30, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the heart of the city, the Neusser Zeughaus. According to the blood donation service of the German Red Cross (DRK), just three percent of the population donate blood regularly. In order to cover the normal daily requirement of up to 15,000 donations, it would have to be significantly more. “For this reason, we hope for a lively participation in the 20th Neuss blood donation marathon,” said Mayor Breuer, who again took over the patronage of the event. Appointments can easily be made via the website of the DRK blood donation service at be reserved. “Last week, the DRK blood donation service still had almost 25,000 blood units in Germany. That is usually the number of blood units that the DRK blood donation service West alone has available at this time of year,” reports Thomas Hetzel from the DRK blood donation service West. The reasons for the drastic decline in blood donations lie on the one hand in the pandemic years and on the other hand in the change of generations. While it was still customary for the older sections of the population to donate blood regularly, younger people only go sporadically for socially relevant bloodletting. Unfortunately, the number of companies and organizations calling on their employees to donate blood together has also fallen sharply. If you have any questions about blood donation, you can also contact the DRK Blood Donation Service West by telephone and free of charge. On 0800-11 949 11, the employees of the service hotline answer all questions about donating blood.

(press release from the city of Neuss)