21-year-old Russian soldier “raped a girl after locking her family in a basement”

Ukrainian authorities have identified a very young Russian soldier accused of raping a girl after locking his family in a basement. According to Kiev his name is Fassakhov Bulat Lenarovichis 21 years old and is originally from the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russia central. He is accused of being part of a gang of invaders who committed war crimes in the region around Kiev.

According to details released by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Lenarovich broke into the home of a family near Kiev. At that point he threatened to shoot them and took them to the basement where he locked them up. All, in fact, apart from a girl. She that she was allegedly raped by the young 20-year-old only to be joined by three other Russian soldiers.

The investigations

According to investigations conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine, witnesses confirmed that Lenarovich was the perpetrator of a series of war crimes against civilians while his battalion occupied towns and villages around Kiev. Lenarovich’s photos provided by SBU show a serious, unsmiling young man posing in full regalia with a woman holding his arm, presumably his mother.

At the moment it is not known where it is Lenarovich, but it is likely that it has been relocated to fight in Donbas, where intense battles rage. SBU investigations claim to have so far identified 1,140 Russian soldiers who have committed unspeakable atrocities against Ukrainian civilians.

Ukrainian authorities are conducting at least ten active investigations into rape involving Russian forces during their occupations of towns and villages in Ukraine, with many more in the pipeline, including alleged rapes of children and men.

Last updated: Thursday 19 May 2022, 12:20