22 managers contest the closure of their gyms in court

Fitness clubs, crossfit rooms or fitness centers … In all, 22 managers of the Dijon metropolis are suing the administrative court of the order requiring them to close the doors of their structures to fight against the pandemic.

They won in Rennes, then in Toulouse. The owners of sports halls in the Dijon region dream of being in turn heard by administrative justice. Twenty-two of them have lodged an appeal against the prefectural order requiring them to close for fifteen days following the classification of the metropolis in “enhanced alert zone” to covid-19.

Our profession is a scapegoat!

Christophe Sanchez, room manager

Our profession is a scapegoat!“Complains Christophe Sanchez, who has run a fitness club in Quetigny for 22 years. He is one of the twenty-two complainants.”The decree is not based on any scientific evidence. There is no evidence that the opening of sports halls promotes the spread of the coronavirus. On the contrary, no cluster has been discovered in France in a fitness club..”

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The arguments of these managers also point “trade inequality“what this decision induces.”We are the only businesses to have such a strict protocol. We are able to track which subscriber is present in our premises, on what day and at what time“, continues Christophe Sanchez. These complainants have made their accounts, they say they have lost 50% of their customers. Between the confinement of spring, summer – which is the off-season for this sector – and the uncertainties of this return, the contract terminations were plentiful while new customers were scarce.

The hearing before the administrative court of Dijon has been set for Wednesday, October 14, 9 a.m. In other cities of France, such as Bordeaux, Nice or Lille, the owners of sports halls have been dismissed by the courts.

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