22 people are in isolation due to Monkeypox

This was announced by Milena Lopera, secretary in charge of health of the city: “At this time we have the epidemiological fence with this number of people. We have 22 more in daily monitoring: verification, medical visits, attentive to see if they register symptoms or not.

Initially, there were nine relatives of the young man who were isolated on suspicion of contagion. Although they have no symptoms and have not been tested, 13 more had to be isolated for having had contact with him, according to health authorities.

“We remind the population and the people who are inside the fence to take precautions, be at home and not be in places where there is capacity for people,” added Lopera, the secretary in charge.

The young man, who is the first positive case of monkeypox registered in Medellin, is recovering in El Poblado (community 14). His state of health is stable, as are his relatives and close ones, who must be in isolation for 13 days.

It is known that among the first nine suspects are not only relatives of the young man, but also a friend who accompanied him in the medical care process and a passenger who shared a flight with him from Europe.

At the moment, according to the National Institute of Health (INS), three men between 20 and 40 years old are infected in the country. Despite the fact that more than 3,200 cases have already been registered in the world, so far only one death has been reported.