23-year-old pregnant woman shot in the womb during an illegal party with more than 200 people in Amadora – Portugal

A 23-year-old pregnant woman was shot in the lower abdomen during an illegal street party with more than 200 people that took place on Monday afternoon on Estrada Militar, in Damaia, Amadora. She is hospitalized in stable condition at Amadora-Sintra Hospital.

As explained to CM police source, the PSP was called, at 18:30, for a shootout in the square of the Constitution of 1976, in Damaia, but upon arrival at the scene, no one was found.

A few minutes later, service agents at the Emergency Department of Amadora-Sintra Hospital reported the arrival of the pregnant woman, who had been shot. She was transported by a 41-year-old friend in a private vehicle. Neither of them could explain the circumstances in which the woman was injured.

The PSP agents later intercepted an armed man at that party. However, he was not arrested because nothing related to the shooting that injured the pregnant woman.

Testimonies collected at the scene indicated the possibility of a second shot. But as of early Tuesday afternoon, the alleged victim had not yet been located.

The investigation was transferred to the Lisbon Judiciary Police.