230 million euros: the EuroMillions jackpot won by a Briton

The huge EuroMillions jackpot was won by a player from the United Kingdom on Tuesday July 19, 2022. This lucky winner, whose identity has not been revealed, won 230 million euros, a little more of £196 million.

The British player had chosen 6, 23, 27, 40, 41 and the stars 2 and 12. Eight other players, including 3 French, won 4.4 million euros each, by obtaining five exact numbers and a star.

The results and reports of the EuroMillions – My Million draw of July 19, 2022. © AFP

New record

This sum of 230 million euros is the new record for winnings at EuroMillions. It exceeds the 220 million euros earned in October 2021 by a Frenchwoman. This resident of Polynesia had just played EuroMillions for the first time, by validating a flash grid.

The 230 million euros put into play on July 19, 2022 constituted a ceiling. The sum having fallen, the next draw, Friday July 22, 2022, will offer a jackpot of 17 million euros.